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Mom Tells 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter Who Was Forced To Do Long Lists Of Chores At Her Old House That ‘Kids Come First Here’

Photo: TikTok
Stepmom adopting her stepchildren TikTok

A stepmom on TikTok has been telling her story all over the social media platform, writing that she’s “Spreading child abu*e awareness” in her profile and sharing cute and heartwarming videos of her five kids.

In one of the more shocking videos, the stepmom films her daughter jumping up and down on top of a bed in joy — but the shock came from the caption inlaid in the video.

The stepmom claims her daughter was forced to do long lists of chores in her old house.

The caption on the video reads “I’m gonna teach her what being a kid is all about,” as her daughter jumps on a bed in the background behind a wall of text. The inlaid text reads “She’s always doing random chores around the house and asking me if she did [well] because she was forced to do long lists of chores in her old home only 3 years old.”

“She came and made the bed without me asking,” the text continued. “I told her to go jump on it. She asked why, I told her because here it’s kids first then chores second.”

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The video received over 1.5 million views and hundreds of comments from other parents and children who were emotional over the heartwarming video. 

“Teaching them to be a kid again is the most fun and [hardest] thing I’ve done,” one comment read, prompting the stepmom to respond with “She grabbed my face and told me she never wants to leave me. I told her she’s with me forever and I will never let her go.”

When others shared the heartbreaking stories of the abuse they faced when they were younger, she offered kind and compassionate messages in response, showing off just how sympathetic she was toward people who were treated unjustly.

She explained that she was actually the girl’s stepmother after some confusion in the comments and that she had left her abusive father years ago — something that she elaborated on in a previous video on her TikTok page.

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She explained how she came into custody of her five children — including her three stepchildren.

“In 2019, I met my kids’ dad, he was a single dad of three. Our youngest was only a few days old, baby girl was one, and my stepson was two,” she starts the story. “He was homeless — couch surfing. Biological momma was not involved.”

She doesn’t get into the biological mother’s story but expresses that she has no hate or judgment for her, saying that “life happens.” She always tells her stepchildren that they have another mother out there who loves them, but explains that she will always love and care for them as if they were her own.

After giving birth to one child and becoming pregnant with the second, she claims that his abuse started. “Started off as just mental, and then it got physical, but the moment he started physically abusing the children, that’s when I called children's services.”

Children’s services helped her, and she specifically gives a shout-out to the woman that helped her, “I call her my savior.” Her husband was arrested, spent some time in jail, and was ordered by the court to go no-contact. 

She was able to secure custody of her biological children and her two stepsons, but her stepdaughter ended up going to her dad’s sister — who also allegedly abused her. This is where she picked up the habit of doing chores because she had been forced to do long lists of them.

But now that all of her kids are home, she claims that she’ll “spend every day of my life fighting to make sure we stay together.”



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