Daycare Sends Mom A Video Of Her Son Revealing All Of Her Personal Information For His Class

Secrets are never safe with toddlers.

toddler talking about mom at daycare TikTok

Children are not known for having a filter on certain things they say, which was the reality for one mom who found out that her toddler was gossiping about her business to his friends.

In a TikTok video, a mother unexpectedly received a clip of her son speaking to other children at his daycare, but what exactly he was telling them has viewers laughing at how children really have no grasp on how certain things should only stay between families.


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Her son was gossiping to all of the other children at daycare about her personal business. 

"My son's daycare sent me this video," she wrote in overlay text. Sitting at a table, her toddler was candidly speaking about his mother's menstrual cycle to anyone in the vicinity, which just so happened to be the other children at his daycare.



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"There's period coming out of my mom's 'buddy,'" her son was filmed telling everyone. "My mom doesn't have a 'buddy.' So, period comes out of her... out of her bum."

The daycare worker recording the video could only respond with a dignified, "Wow," which only makes the entire thing funnier. Unfortunately for this mother, her son was not anywhere near done spilling some more secrets that she definitely didn't want him revealing.

"There's hair and she has to shave her bum," her son continued, telling the daycare worker, who again, hilarious responded with an, "Oh, wow," this time. Her response only fueled him to reveal more, and he continued, saying, "Yeah. She shaves it."

Unfortunately, things like this come with the territory of being a parent to a toddler who can easily repeat things that are meant to stay private and only discussed at home. 


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In the comments section, parents shared things their children had revealed about their personal business.

"My son told his teacher and class, 'My mom has to go to jail a lot,' of course, he left out the Part that I work there as a correctional officer," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "When my daughter was little and we were in a stall together she yells, 'Mommy you’re bleeding, are you ok?' The women in the bathroom could not stop [laughing]."

"My son once announced to everyone in the convenience store that I'm a lesbian which was odd because I'm not and I'm married to his dad," a fourth user chimed in.


Other people in the comments section who work in childcare revealed that if you think your child is spreading your business around to the other children and adults, then you are thinking correctly.

"I can confirm none of your secrets are safe with your kids. They told us everything when I worked in childcare. EVERYTHING," a fifth commenter hilariously shared, while another agreed, writing, "As a former daycare teacher, your children spill all the tea. And I listen intensely."

Let this be a lesson to parents with young children everywhere. As much as you want to hope, your child may be spreading around all of your personal business and secrets.


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