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Mom Shares 'Scary' Side Effect After She 'Pushed Too Hard' During Childbirth

Photo: TikTok
Woman shares a scary birth side effect

Many complications come with birth and pregnancy, and thanks to social media, more awareness on the topic can be spread to prepare mothers-to-be on what they should expect.

One lady even curated a list of over 350 reasons to never have a kid, yet one widely unknown side effect of birth failed to make the list.

Thankfully Yelena, a new mother to a baby boy, shared her experience on TikTok to warn others about what could happen if you push too hard during birth.

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Yelena shared a video from after she gave birth with bruising around her eyes.

In a TikTok video, Yelena is seen holding her newborn son with blood in her eyes and red marks on her cheeks. She writes over the video, “when you push so hard to get your baby out & end up with broken blood vessels & bruises on your face,” adding a crying emoji.



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“Eyes? Is this something that can happen after giving birth?”, one person commented.

Yelena posted a response video explaining “Yup it’s definitely something that can happen from the pushing, and it happened to me. It lasted for two weeks.”



She then shares a photo of her from the hospital with bruises covering her face. “So yeah, I didn’t get that cute hospital photo with my baby,” she says.

The pinpoint, round spots that appear as a result of blood leaking from capillaries under the skin are called petechiae. They appear in rash-like clusters and occur from straining.

During her all-natural birth, Yelena ended up with a 3rd-degree tear as well. However, she claims that her face bothered her more than the tear, and after everything that went down, she “just wanted to hide in a hole.”

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Commenters shared their personal experiences with petechiae, claiming they thought they were the only ones.

Many women also experienced facial bruising after giving birth. One mother commented on her video, “This exact thing happened to me only on one side of my face. It was scary indeed.”

This uncommon and almost unheard-of birth side effect caused one woman to believe she was the only one. “The same thing happened to me! I thought I was the only one. No one ever told me that could happen so I freaked out,” she writes.

Others mentioned that they got petechiae from other strenuous incidents, such as vomiting or crying really hard.

“this happened to me but I was throwing up from drinking too much lmao,” one says.

Another adds, “That’s it. I am definitely not having children.”

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