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Mom Shares Video Of What She Says Is Her Late-Husband’s Spirit Soothing Their Baby In His Crib

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No one is entirely sure what happens to us when we die, but many of us would like to believe that after we’ve lost a loved one, they will always be watching over us in another shape or form.

One mother may have proved this to be true after capturing a moment so unreal, you have to see it to believe it!

The mother believed that her baby monitor camera picked up footage of her late husband soothing their baby as he slept.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 7 million times, Whitney Allen, a widow, and mother of two shared video footage via a baby monitor camera of her infant son, Leo, asleep in his crib.

As Leo dozes peacefully, an orb can clearly be seen moving back and forth across the top of his head — as it does, Leo’s eyes open briefly.

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Allen zooms in closer on the orb to obtain a better image of what she is seeing.

“My husband passed away on April 7, 2022, when our second son, Leo was three months old. Tonight I felt like I saw my husband soothing our baby,” Allen wrote in a textbox over her video.

“Chills. It literally looks like a hand is patting/stroking Leo’s head.”

Other TikTok viewers were astounded by the video and agreed with Allen that it was indeed her late husband.

“I'm telling you right now that is your husband. Oh my goodness... he is his guardian angel now. Your son is divinely protected,” one user commented.

“My entire body is covered in chills, he’s watching over all of you,” another user wrote.

“No one can convince me that life after death isn’t real, this is so beautiful,” another user added.

“I am not a medium or psychic but I am 100% sure that daddy is taking this shift so you can rest,” another user shared.

Others shared similar experiences of late loved ones being with them in a different form.

“As someone who lost a parent at three months old, I promise I’ve felt them my entire life. I hope your baby will too,” one user revealed.

“After my mom died, I felt her sit at the end of my bed every night. She stroked my hair and held my hand sometimes, too,” another user commented.

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Whitney Allen met her late husband, Ryan, when she was 25.

She described it as “love at first sight” and the two were married three months later.

They welcomed their first son, Jackson, in 2018 and their second son Leo, in 2022.



In October 2021, Ryan suffered a severe reaction to a bee sting that sent him into cardiac arrest.

He spent five months in hospitals and rehab centers, where he eventually passed away in April 2022.

Although his children may not remember him, Ryan will always be alongside them, as the incredible baby monitor footage proves.

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