Mom Sends Teenage Son Back To Restaurant After Learning He Only Tipped $10 On A $104 Bill

She wasn't letting her son get away with tipping poorly.

Danielle Foster, Johnny TikTok

To teach her son a lesson, a mother didn't hesitate to reprimand him after learning the amount he tipped on a restaurant bill after eating out.

In a TikTok video, Danielle Foster was enraged after her 16-year-old son came home from dining at a restaurant while on a date, and after he relayed his entire experience, including the amount that he tipped the server, she didn't hesitate to scold him for it.


Foster sent her teenage son back to the restaurant after learning he only tipped $10 on a $104 bill.

In Foster's video, she called her 16-year-old son, Johnny, into her room after he had come back from eating out at a restaurant, and told him he needed to go back to the establishment to leave a better tip.

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"Johnny, you need to go get my wallet, you need to go get my Visa card, you need to go to the ATM and grab a $20 and drive back to that restaurant," Foster shouts at her son.


In overlay text on her video, Foster wrote that her son had gone on a date with his girlfriend, and after coming home, had told his mother about how great the service had been, only to leave a $10 tip on a bill over $100.

"On a $104 check, $10 is a sh-t tip, do you understand me?" Foster adds, scolding her son while he appeared to look on in amusement, clearly not believing his mother was being serious. 

"Go now, I'm not asking, I'm telling," she demanded. As her son continues to smile, not moving, she asserts that she is being serious and it is not a "funny" matter.

"Do you know that guy might have kids?" she inquired, referring to the server. "Do you know that $104, he gets taxed on it? You are to grab my credit card, get $20 and drive it back there."


After realizing that his mother is being serious, Johnny turns to leave the room in search of his mother's purse to get money to give to the server.

"Johnny, I want to see you hand it to him," she calls after him, letting her son know she wants him to call her while he's leaving a better tip. "I want to see you walk in, I will be muted, but you don't know how to tip!"

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In a follow-up video, Foster explained that she had been trying to teach her son the importance of tipping servers.

In an update on the situation, Foster did confirm that her son went back to the restaurant and gave the server $20 for a better tip.




She explained that he had saved up for the dinner, which had been an anniversary celebration with his girlfriend, but thought he didn't need to leave a big tip since he'd used a gift card for most of the bill.

Foster continued, saying she had felt strongly about her son not leaving a good tip because she used to be a server herself when he had been a single mother, and knows firsthand how poorly restaurant staff is paid.

While she doesn't feel bad about sending her son back to the restaurant, she pointed out that she shouldn't have filmed the debacle and posted it on social media.


"I was just trying to give parents the other tip that even if you do talk to your kids about things, they don't 100% understand," she said.

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TikTok users praised Foster for having her son correct his mistake.

"As a server, I love you. Thank you for teaching him how to appropriately tip when the service is good," one user wrote.

Another user added, "You taught him well and helped him correct the situation and from here on out he’ll remember this lesson!!! Good job!!"


"Honestly was a really good and important lesson and I’m so glad you taught him, many don’t!" a third user remarked.

"He’s so young I’m sure the server was understanding and happy."

A fourth user pointed out, "There are plenty of adults that don't even tip off of a gift card. Good teaching/learning moment!"

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