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A Mom Is Selling Personalized Videos Of Her 11-Year-Old Daughter For $14 — And Grown Men Are Buying Them

Photo: TikTok
Sarah Adams (@mom.uncharted) talking about child exploitation

A woman named Sarah Adams, popularly known on TikTok as “@mom.uncharted,” recently posted a video on the video-sharing app revealing a dangerous trend that has been growing among moms of young girls who are building an online presence around their daughters.

Joining her video playlist “Mommy ran accounts,” she talks about a mom that’s selling personalized videos of her 11-year-old daughter to grown men, referring to it as “pimping her out.” Understandably, people are upset by her revelation and shared their disgust online.

The mom sells personalized videos of her 11-year-old daughter for $14 on Cameo.

In response to a comment on yet another one of her videos calling out exploitation that read “10? That’s what pimping your kid out is worth??” Sarah explains that some people are exploiting their kids for a little more — this one mom was doing it for $14.

“Well, some parents pimp out their kids for $14 over on Cameo,” she said. “Let it be known, this child is 11 years old, she’s not a celebrity, she is merely a child being exploited by her parents online.”

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At this point in the TikTok, Sarah shares what the Cameo page looks like, making sure to block out any names to keep this child’s privacy intact. “Hey it’s [the girl’s name]! I love making reels, vlogging, and being me! I do videos for people’s birthdays, events, and any other ideas feel free to share! (No outfit requests).” On her profile, people have the option to book one of these personalized videos for $14, follow her, or send her a message for $4.

Sarah then claims she’s being forced to do videos like the one she shows next. “Hey David! I just wanted to say happy birthday and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. And, your birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, which I think is awesome, and I think it’s amazing that you’re a firefighter and EMT.”

“Bye David, and happy birthday! Muah,” she finishes off the video, blowing a kiss to the camera. Sarah cuts in, saying “And my assumption is this adult male, David the firefighter, bought this as a little present to himself.”

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Sarah regularly talks about how often young girls are exploited like this online.

In a small follow-up video, Sarah claims that “the cameo is literally the tip of the iceberg. The way parents are exploiting their children online will absolutely shock you,” once again promoting her “mommy ran accounts” playlist on TikTok.

She continues talking about the same 11-year-old girl and how her parents are exploiting her “via the photo app and their subscription service.”



Blurred and censored, Sarah adds a video to the overlay that shows the 11-year-old girl promoting their subscription service online and how it’s made to sound perverse and predatory.

“Hey guys, make sure you go subscribe to my Instagram account. You can get the raw and unfiltered content and reels — and it’s only $4.99 a month and you can unsubscribe anytime.” She thanks her current subscribers for supporting her and says bye to the camera, but Sarah isn’t done calling these parents out.

She then goes to the comments for videos like this one and talks about how it’s all adult males. The comments frequently have heart-eye emojis, fire emojis, or give creepy compliments that adult men should not be giving to any underage girl.

“We need legislative protection this is beyond,” one comment reads. “This should be illegal,” another comment reads, while many pointed out how uncomfortable the line “raw and unfiltered” made them.

It’s important to remember that these children here are victims that are being exploited for their parents’ gain, and they have no choice or say in the matter. They’re kids who are being forced by their parents to say and do these things against their will or better judgment.

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