Mom Shows Off Her Toddler's Trendy Outfits Featuring Crop Tops & Hair Extensions But Gets Told She's 'Making Her Childhood Less Magical'

While the little girl's outfits are cute and stylish, is it an appropriate wardrobe for someone that young to be wearing?

toddler wearing trendy outfits TikTok

A mom's choice of attire that she lets her toddler wear is being called into question.

With multiple social media platforms dedicated to showing off the clothes her two-year-old daughter, Queen, wears, a mother is being accused of exploiting her daughter for views and likes, while also depriving her of having a normal childhood.

She is being accused of not letting her daughter be a normal child by dressing her in trendy and adult clothing.

In multiple videos shared on her TikTok account, which boasts over a million followers, the toddler's mother will often share videos of her little girl in outfits that many deem to be inappropriate for a young girl her age to be wearing.


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The little girl's wardrobe consists of crop tops, bodysuits, small handbags, and gold chains. She is also decked out in designer items, including Chanel and Dior. Her shoe choices are equally as expensive, seemingly wearing the latest sneakers by brands such as Air Jordans, Nike, and Yeezy.


The two-year-old can even be seen wearing extensions in her hair, as well as other accessories, which include fishnet stockings.

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Not only does the little girl have her own TikTok account, managed by her mother, but she also has an Instagram page dedicated to showing off her trendy clothes, which has 125,000 followers. Her mom even started a clothing boutique named after her daughter, where the young child seems to be the model for the brand.


“When y’all are gonna understand that clothes don’t make you as a person. She is a very sweet and well-behaved baby," the mother of the child wrote in response to comments under one of her videos. “If you don’t like her outfits, don’t follow me to troll hate.”

She later added, “She models clothes from boutiques, that’s all.”

While she has every right to dress her toddler in whatever clothes she wants to, many viewers didn't see it that way and accused the mom of exploiting her daughter and not letting her wear clothes that normal two-year-olds wear.

"I think [people] are mad [because] it seems like she dresses a little bit older than a toddler should," one TikTok user pointed out. "Makes your childhood a little bit less magical since she has to be really careful with her clothes when she plays, and also [because] you are posting it on social media."


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Another user added, "She shouldn’t be dressing like that, she shouldn’t be wearing crop tops." The toddler's mom instantly replied, defending her choice. “Just because I dress my baby fashionable doesn’t mean I don’t let her be a kid."

"Why do you want her to look so grown? She's adorable period!" a third user remarked.


However, others attempted to defend the mom from backlash. "Ignore them," another user wrote. 

"What a lucky kid!" a following commenter gushed, while someone else pointed out that the little girl seems to be comfortable in the clothes her mother has her wear. "She looks happy, that's what matters."

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