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Mom Refuses To Take Daughter To School Until She Changes Out Of 'Homeless-Looking Guy' Clothes

Photo: TikTok
Daughter arguing with her mom about clothes TikTok

A teen on TikTok is probing gender norms after posting a video of her mom's harsh rant during her journey to school.

The young woman documented just a couple of seconds of the journey but, from what can be heard in the video, it sounds like she and her mom were having a rather bitter dispute about her choice of clothing.

After being yelled at by her mother, a young woman took to TikTok to share the footage she recorded of the encounter.

She was yelling at her daughter for wearing her father’s 'homeless-looking' clothes to school.

The caption on the video read, “Mom got mad at me for wearing guys' clothing :( She couldn't even give me a real answer [to] why she was mad.”

During the 57-second clip, viewers can see nothing but the young woman’s feet as she secretly records her mom's yells and the argument that ensued because of her actions.

“It doesn’t f--king matter, you’re not looking like that to go to godd--n school,” her mother yelled, likely in response to an earlier statement made by the young woman that was cut off before recording. “Just because I was wearing guys' clothes?” she asks.

“You’re not wearing your dad’s f--king clothes that don’t even godd--n fit you, you look like a f--king homeless person,” the mom responds.

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The difference in their tones is shocking, as the daughter speaks mild-mannered and matter-of-factly, while the mom seems to be teeming with rage and can’t stop swearing at her daughter.

“I don’t see what the big deal is because I’m not hurting anybody,” the young woman asks before being cut off by her angry mother, who responded with “Be quiet. You don’t have to f--king see, you don’t have to f--king like it.”

The back and forth doesn’t get more complicated than this as the daughter is simply trying to understand why her mother feels so strongly about her choice of clothing.

“I already said you’re not looking like a f--king man to go to school, period,” is all she offers as an explanation. What she doesn’t offer, is a reason why not.

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The daughter posted a video responding to some comments and talking about the argument.

Although there were a lot of supportive comments on the original video like “dude I am sorry... I can't believe ppl can talk to their kids like this,” there were others who seemed to side with the mom.

The young woman’s first order of business was to address those people by mocking the statement they made, which was “Well I wouldn’t send my son to school wearing a dress.”

“Okay, but here’s the deal. [If] you try to push your kid into doing something, they’re most likely going to push back and that’s not going to be good,” she says. “They’re going to fight even harder and make the situation even worse.”

She said it would be nice to have a parent who supports her, mocking those same people who may have been unsupportive parents.



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Arguing against her mom’s claims that she looked homeless, she revealed that she was actually wearing nice clothes — “a nice pair of pants” and an “American Eagle” shirt. She explains that her father had come to her and her brother and told them that he was trying to get rid of some clothes, so she took that as an opportunity to revamp her wardrobe.

“Me personally, I like baggy clothes and I’m a bit of a tomboy,” she explains. “I feel very comfortable wearing guys’ clothes, but my mom doesn’t like that.”

“Who cares if you look like a guy? Man, who cares? No one’s going to care. I go to school every godd--n day seeing kids walk up in hoodies and godd--n pajama bottoms.”

At the end of her long rant, she tells people that they should stick to being who they are and wear whatever they feel comfortable in. She includes an outfit reveal at the end where she shows the outfit that made her mother mad, and the result is nothing to stress out about.

“THAT'S the fit at the end????? It's so nice! It's basically business casual. Nothing wrong with it,” one user commented, echoing the sentiments of the hundreds of people that commented on the video.

Parents, if you’re watching this, supporting your children will go a longer way with them than trying to mold them into the person you want them to be.

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