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A Mom Making 'Iced Coffee' For Her & Her Baby Accidentally Shares A Valuable Lesson People Wish Their Parents Knew

Photo: TikTok
Mom making iced coffee with her baby

Introspection is part of every single one of our lives — from waking up, scrolling through social media, and hanging out with our close friends, we’re always running through our inner monologues. 

When we see a story being told on social media — it’s hard not to immediately think about our own. 

So, when you come across a beautiful mom parenting her baby with overwhelming empathy and kindness — what happens when you realize you never received that? 

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In a stitched response video to an incredible TikTok mom’s post, this man ‘holds back his tears’ as he tries to recall a childhood memory where his parents treated him with such grace. 

This mom, who was just sharing her morning routine with her baby, unlocked a whole new audience of people bewildered and in awe of her gentle parenting — in what seems to be a harsh world of unforgivable childhood memories and trauma. 

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This mom’s response to her baby spilling while making ‘iced coffee’ gets incredible feedback from TikTok viewers. 

With smiles on, this mom turns on her video to film a wholesome morning routine with her baby girl — making their iced coffees together. 

Her cup, labeled ‘Mama’ sits next to her daughter’s labeled, ‘Mini.’ 

As she pours her ice into her cup, her daughter looks sweetly over at her while she copies her motions. She pours milk into her glass, hands her daughter a pre-portioned glass, and tells to her dump it into her cup. 

Without holding her hand or coaching her to do it perfectly, the mom watches while her daughter dumps in her milk. 

“Well done. That was so good!” the TikTok mom praises over and over while watching her daughter.

As they move on, the mom dumps her coffee into her cup, and then she hands her daughter a glass of chocolate milk. Asking her to dump it in, the little girl tips the cup over, spilling it onto the table. 

Immediately, she looks shocked, but the mom makes no immediate moves to clean it — she looks right into her daughter’s eyes and says, “That’s okay. Wow! Looks like you just get milk.” 

She moves right on with their video, asking her daughter if she wants cream, and finishing up both of their drinks. 

Both grinning ear to ear, they ‘cheers’ their cups at the end and wave the camera off. 

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In a response video, one man says he ‘can’t recall’ a childhood memory where his parents treated him with the same love. 

Sometimes you never really know what’s out there until you see it — that’s exactly what many comments argued after seeing this mother’s gentle and kind parenting style

“I can feel myself pushing back tears,” this TikTok man starts in his response video, “It would be so wonderful to have a memory of any adult in my life as a child saying ‘that’s okay’.” 



He’s one of many examples of childhood trauma narratives — sometimes even just the smallest phrases or interactions can leave such a lasting impression. 

“There was always, ‘be more careful’, ‘watch what you’re doing’, and ‘you’re not paying enough attention’,” he says about his childhood, “instead of just accepting that it is okay to make mistakes.” 

It’s a culmination of core memories and interactions like this mom’s video that will give her a foundation for her life, and that’s true for all children — even those from less fortunate families. 

He agrees, saying, “That child will never have to know what it’s like to be afraid of their mother’s emotional response.” 

“Thank this mom for posting that. I hope I see more content like that because it’s really healing.” 

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This mom’s TikTok video inadvertently teaches a lesson about gentle parenting to a world of harsh critics. 

Parenting isn’t about being perfect, and honestly good parenting usually looks nothing close to perfect — but it’s about being present.

This mom is the embodiment of that — being present and filled with love. No distractions. 

So many comments emotionally write about their experiences with tougher, more critical parents — truly not believing great parenting was out there until seeing a glimpse of this mom. 

“Breaking generational trauma!” one mother writes. “I still struggle, but I get better every day. It is healing in ways, too.” 

“Staying in the moment with her daughter was more important than cleaning up the mess right away,” another acknowledges about this mom’s presence. 

“Anytime I made ANY mistake, my mom would always scream, ‘There are no such things as accidents, only carelessness’!” 

Other moms find solace in knowing that they’re moving towards being better parents — acknowledging their faults. This mom writes, “I’m a work in progress. I’m medicated, in therapy, and try so hard not to explode when I feel overwhelmed. But, some days I do better than others.” 

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Adult viewers flood into this mom’s comment sections — she helps to heal the ‘collective inner children’. 

“You’re helping heal our collective inner children by being an example of a gentle and present parent. Thank you,” one commenter writes thoughtfully under the video. 

“I want to become this parent,” another one writes, “and I pray that I will. I don’t want to shout at my kids when they spill something.” 

Like many others under the video and in the replies, this user was in tears — “Ugh, this made me cry. You never really know just how damaged you are until you see a mom not yell at her baby for making a mess.” 

Something as innocent as making coffee in the morning turned so many heads on TikTok — teaching parents how to be better and healing adults who didn’t know their inner children needed it. 

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