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Mom Keeps The Fact That She Is Having Twins From Her Mother & Surprises Her With The 2nd Baby At The Hospital

Photo: @touching.moments / TikTok & Elements via Canva Elements
grandma holding new grandbabies

Grandmas get super excited when they are awaiting the arrival of their grandchild. One grandmother was doubly blessed when she showed up at the hospital fully expecting to meet the newest edition to her family and found out she had gained two new grandbabies. The sweet moment was shared on a TikTok account called "Touching Moments."

The grandma had no idea his child was expecting twins.

As the video starts, the loving grandma is sitting in a chair next to her daughter’s hospital bed, rocking the new bundle of joy whose head is covered in a blue beanie hat. Though her facial expressions can’t clearly be made out, it’s evident that she is overcome with emotion.

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She’s so enthralled with the newborn that she doesn’t even notice a nurse pushing a second baby in a red cap, inside of an infant carrier into the room and parking it near the foot of the bed. When she finally looks up and notices, you can hear her say, “What?”



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The giddy mom throws her head back in laughter as her mom looks back and forth between her and the new arrival, confused and in search of answers. Then the new mom’s husband peeps around a curtain and says, “Merry Christmas!” with a huge smile spread across his face.

Overcome with joy, the woman’s mom is laughing and crying at the same time while still holding the first baby.

She eventually stands up, looking to the sky thankfully, and crying uncontrollably. A man steps toward her with the baby in the red hat in his arms and extends his hands to hand the child over. The grandmother happily opens her free arm to receive the second baby and is obviously in a state of utter disbelief. The happy moment ends with her swaying back and forth, both newborns in her arms, as her daughter looks on smiling.

People in the comments were impressed that the woman was able to keep the fact that she was having more than one baby under wraps for her entire pregnancy.

One woman said, “Me keeping that secret would’ve lasted for one day.” Others were just grateful that the family was blessed with two healthy kids. Only 1 in every 250 natural pregnancies results in the birth of twins, so it is a special experience that really should be celebrated.

Some people wondered how a woman was able to hide that she was carrying twins from her mother. Early on, a twin pregnancy can go undetected by ultrasounds, so even the mother might not be aware. But by the 20-week mark, almost 100% of pregnant women know whether they are having a single or multiple birth. Maybe her mom would have wanted to know what to expect and prepare for, but surprising her and capturing it on video made for a memory that will last the family forever.

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