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Mom Uses Roblox To Call Her Daughter Out For Ignoring Her Calls For Dinner

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Mom Calls Out Daughter For Ignoring Her Calls On Roblox

One Chigaco mom, Chariel Watson, went viral for taking a unique approach to getting her daughter’s attention after she didn’t pick up her phone calls.

Watson claims that she called her 11-year-old daughter, Miracle, many times to remind her to dethaw food for dinner.

However, because Miracle was playing Roblox on her phone and would lose progress if she answered the call, she ignored her mom’s attempts to reach her.

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Watson decided to take a different approach – logging on to Roblox and communicating with her daughter through the game.

She told Today that Roblox is a game the two play together and are friends on, so when she logged on she was able to see her daughter’s location.

She pulled up to the game Miracle was playing and met up with her avatar. She got into the car with her and proceeded to tell her to dethaw lasagna for dinner.

Watson posted the screenshots of her getting in touch with her daughter on Roblox to Facebook with the caption “When my baby doesn’t answer the phone, I pull up on ROBLOX,” along with a crying-face emoji.

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“You seen me calling you” one screenshot Watson shared from the game reads.

“Take the lasagna out the freezer and garlic bread so I can cook it," she tells her daughter in the Roblox chat box.

Watson said Miracle responded to her request with an “I’m sorry mom,” and then the car they were driving in stopped as Miracle put her phone down to take the lasagna and garlic bread out of the freezer.

Watson adds that she loves being able to spend time with her daughter, so playing Roblox together is a fun way for the mother and daughter to bond.

“Being a single parent, you just want to make sure that you’re spending time with your kids,” she tells Today. “That’s really important to me – to make sure I’m spending quality time with her. So I downloaded Roblox and… that was just one of the best things ever.”

She suggests that other parents should try playing video games with their kids too, but not to “just download it to tell your kids to do things.” 

Commenters on Watson’s Facebook post found this interaction hilarious.

Watson’s post was met with many laughing-face emojis as well as people who tagged friends or family members with tween-aged kids to tell them to try this method of contact.

“This is hilarious,” one writes.

“Moms find a way,” says another.

One Facebook user tagged her sister and wrote: “This is what you guys have to do with the little ones.”

“Omg I’m doing that to Dylan next time he ignores me,” another writes.

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