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Man Tells Wife Gaming Is 'All I Have' After She Turned It Off — Now People Are Calling Her Controlling

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Woman turns video games off

For many people, dating or being married to a gamer is hard work, all jokes aside.

It’s hard for some people to feel like their partners appreciate them or maybe they feel like they don’t get enough attention, but while all of these things are valid concerns, there is an understood, universal rule that you shouldn’t just turn off someone’s game while they’re playing.

Recently, a video of a woman recording the moment she turned off her husband’s PlayStation has gone viral, and people have rushed into the discourse in order to share how they feel about the situation.

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She turned off her husband’s PlayStation and said she did it 'because this is all you do.'

The moment he saw her approaching the video game console, he said “No, don’t. Don’t!” before she turns it off, accomplishing what she set out to do.

Her husband, visibly frustrated, goes blank and drops his controller, followed by dropping his headset on the ground and standing up from the chair he was sitting on in the middle of the living room.

When he asks her why, she responds by saying “because this is all you do,” leading him to respond by saying “it’s not, it’s all I have.”



Some people online labeled the wife’s action as a form of ‘abuse.’

Although some people didn’t appreciate him saying it was all he had, others directed their ire at the wife — going as far as labeling her behavior as abusive.

Sweet Anita, a Twitch streamer who also regularly plays video games, issued a tweet about the video and some of the responses that she had seen that were negative toward the husband.

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“If you hate men playing games don't date a gamer. This is abuse,” she penned. “If a guy walked in and threw my nail polish in the bin because he wanted me to drop everything and pay attention to him, you'd all see that it for what it is.”

She believes that if the tables were turned, there would have been a much larger uproar, but because the man was just playing video games, people didn’t think it mattered.

Others called the wife "controlling" and claimed she wasn't letting him have his "me time."

Abuse doesn’t only mean physical abuse, and many called the woman out for being emotionally abusive for not respecting her partner’s hobby.

Others claim that they felt him when he said that it’s all he has.

“Gaming is sometimes the only outlet men have,” one person responded to the video on Twitter. “It helps us disconnect from work life, can be a stress relief, and our way of socializing with the boys.”

Video games can sometimes go much further than being a simple hobby — many people use them as a form of escape or a way to destress from the struggles in their lives.

“This really bothers me to watch for some reason. Dude looks genuinely hurt and you can tell gaming is his escape. Would it hurt to sit with him and try to play also?” someone else wrote.

However, many other people also claimed that what he said sounded depressing and that he should probably “go outside” if video games were all he had.

Many people claimed that they were both in the wrong, but there was an overwhelming amount of support for the man from people who are tired of the stigma that comes from playing video games.

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