Mom Explains Why She Lets Her Baby Sleep Outside Alone In Her Stroller

It's more common than you think.

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A mother on TikTok has sparked debate about safe sleeping for infants by sharing a popular custom most parents choose to do for their babies in Denmark. 

Other parents are questioning the practicality and safety of the custom. 

The mother revealed that Danish families often let babies sleep outside alone in strollers. 

Annie, (@annieineventyrland) a mother of four who recently moved from the United States to Denmark, shared with her TikTok viewers that she leaves her six-month-old baby girl alone in her stroller to sleep outside when she goes down for a nap.  


In a video that has received 2.7 million likes, Annie claimed that this was a normal custom in Denmark.  

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She claims there are health benefits for your baby when they sleep outside. 

“The Danish practice of having your baby sleep outside in their stroller is not only the cultural norm but it’s even recommended by our midwives and baby nurses,” Annie says. 


“Fresh air is said to keep babies healthy and  help them sleep better.”  

Annie claims that most babies are left to nap outside regardless of weather and that they are dressed in light-weight wool to keep them comfortable. 

Additionally, they often sleep with a down duvet that regulates their body temperature and keeps them warm enough without overheating. 

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She claims that kidnapping is not a concern.

“[In Denmark] it’s common to leave your baby napping outside while you go shopping or go sit in a cafe,” Annie says. 

“Parents always keep a close eye or have a baby monitor in the stroller.”  


Annie claims that there is a low risk of your baby being abducted in Denmark while they sleep outside. 

“Babies here don’t get kidnapped because no one wants the responsibility of someone else’s kid,” she explains. “Especially when our healthcare system does everything they can to help everyone who wants a baby to have their own at little to no cost.”  

Annie says that she often lets her baby sleep outside, even when they are all at home. 

“It’s for her to get the benefits of fresh air, it’s her most familiar sleeping surface at this point, and I love that if my family and I ever want to go somewhere while she’s napping, we’re never stuck at home.” 


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Despite the benefits of outdoor napping, many parents disagreed with Annie in the comments. 

“I get doing this at home in the backyard or on the balcony but NO WAY in public. It’s like leaving a car with the engine running,” one TikTok user wrote. 

“Imagine feeling this safe in your country...sheesh,” another user added. 

 “Even if they were safe from kidnappers if be worried they'd get too hot,” another user pointed out. 

However, other parents from European countries stated that this practice is completely safe and common. 

“Finland here, our babies sleep outside just like that. Also during the wintertime (wrapped in warm clothes ofc),” one user shared. 


“Yes from Germany, especially during winter times. Mine always napped outside tucked in warm clothes, for up to 3 hours during the day,” another user revealed. 

Some American parents believed that while this was a good idea in some countries, it would not be ideal to do in the states. 

“No one recommends it here in California, but they say lots of fresh air. I leave my baby napping outside at my house and outdoor cafes but not in town,” one user commented. 


“I think that’s a great idea but I live in America and I’m scared that someone would call the cops on me,” another user shared. 

“We can’t even leave our bikes or dogs outside without them being stolen,” another user pointed out. 

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