A Dad Tells His Wife To Change His Son’s Outfit After She Dresses Him In A 'Bubble' Romper

According to the dad, the little boy is "too old" for the outfit and commenters even agreed—but maybe we need to stop policing kids' clothes!

Mom dressing her son in a bubble romper TikTok TikTok

One dad on TikTok was not having it after being shown the outfit she dressed their son in before going outside for a beautiful day. 

An argument ensued, and she claimed victory by captioning the video with “I won.” However, she probably didn’t expect to have also started an argument in her own comments over the way she decided to dress their kid.

After mom dresses her son in a ‘bubble’ romper, her husband told her to change his outfit.

The mother, named Alexandra, posted a video to TikTok with the thumbnail caption reading “Bubble Wars,” but little did she know she would be starting a real war in her comments after nearly 260,000 people viewed the video.


After just finishing getting dressed, Alexandra starts the video in her room, telling her baby boy “Let’s go show daddy your outfit,” whispering a little to make sure that he doesn’t hear her in the next room over. “Go show him, go show him.”

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The boy wanders out of the room with Alexandra in tow, offering viewers a look at the cute bubble romper her baby is wearing — covered in drawings of circus animals.


“Okay let’s go,” she says in a normal voice, telling her husband that they’re ready to head out for the day to play as their baby boy swings around a racket and a ball.

The baby runs over to his father, saying something unintelligible, who then looks at his wife and says “Not a chance Al, we’re — come on. He’s way too old to wear that right now, not a chance.” He’s clearly not having it.

“It’s a circus theme. It’s a circus theme!” Alexandra argues back, likely pointing out that their son likes the circus, and is even supported by her boy’s reaction as he also argues back by saying the same thing.

“Put shorts over it at least,” the dad says, prompting Alexandra to say “No, it’s a bubble! He looks so cute.” By this point, her son is staring off into space, but it seems as though she has won out in the argument.


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People in the comments, however, were supportive of the father.

“Agree. Bubbles and smocked monogram stops at walking age,” the top comment on the post read. Someone else wrote, “I’m with your husband, time for shorts & a polo shirt! Circus theme? Find him a baseball cap with animals on it.”

There’s no science to the fashion choices you should make for your baby — it’s mostly based on preference. However, there are widely supported beliefs that some clothing options are better and easier to manage than others.

According to a blog post from a child’s clothing boutique in Dallas, “A bubble works beautifully from 3 to at least 12 months, but certainly feel free to wear bubbles to 24 months.”


Many people in the comments shared that even leaving the baby in a bubble romper until he turns 3 years old would be fine. One user wrote, “I love a baby in a bubble. I have four boys and they all wore bubbles until 3.”

People argued that bubbles were simply more convenient in managing a baby through potty training and that once the child was potty trained, switching to the typical two-piece (shorts and t-shirt) option would be better.

Many moms told her just to enjoy the cuteness while she can, because soon “He will be in sweats and gym shorts for the next 15 years.”


Alexandra revealed in the comments that her husband did eventually give in and say he looked adorable too, but the damage to her comments section had already been done!

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