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Mom Gives Popsicles With Secret Ingredient To Her Daughter & Unsuspecting Friend To Improve Their Grades

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Many controversial ideas exist in the world of parenting when it comes to raising children — but one mother on Facebook may be incorporating the worst one of them all.

This new idea is one that has recently been circulating on social media and is turning heads as many parents question its practicality and safety.

Urine therapy, (yes, you read that correctly), is the latest parenting trend that is supposedly beneficial for children.

A mother shared that she adds her own urine to her children’s popsicles to help them improve their grades.

The mother posted her story to the Facebook group, “Urine Magic,” a group that believes that applying urine to various areas of the body and adding it to food and drinks has exceptional health and wellness benefits.

Many parents have asked how they can utilize urine to benefit their children.

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One mother decided to reveal to the group how she uses her own urine to improve her daughter’s grades.

“Hi friends! A great idea to introduce children to UT (urine therapy): urine popsicles!” the woman wrote.

“I’ve been adding half an ounce to my urine to lemonade and making it into popsicles for my daughter.”

The woman claims that her parenting hack aids her daughter in her academics.

“She doesn’t seem to notice and I can see the benefits already — she’s the best student in her Spanish class!”

The woman added that she started giving her urine-infused popsicles to her daughter’s friends without their parent's knowledge.

“It’s been so good I've given some to her best friend Erin the couple of times she’s been over here for playdates and sleepovers,” she wrote.

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“I haven’t told her parents yet, but, in due time I’m sure they’ll be grateful. When Erin’s grades start to skyrocket and the improvement in her cognitive abilities is undeniable I will let them know.”

Urine therapy is viewed as a form of “crunchy parenting,” a term you are most likely familiar with if you’re an avid TikTok user.

“Crunchy parenting” is defined as parents who follow a natural-parenting or “neo-hippie” parenting style, making choices that include giving birth at home, using cloth diapers for their children, feeding their children exclusively organic foods, and refusing to vaccinate their children.

They often perform their own research and avoid any advice from medical professionals.

The “Urine Magic” Facebook group that promotes this form of crunchy parenting is being criticized on other social media platforms.



“Has someone called the cops yet or…” one TikTok user shared.

“Thank you for my new unlocked fear. My children will never go to another child’s house,” another user wrote.

Despite the claims of the Facebook group, there is no scientific evidence that consuming urine in any form is beneficial. 

In fact, research suggests that urine consumption can result in harmful bacteria and toxins in your bloodstream and can even damage your kidneys. 

So if you’re searching for parenting hacks that could help your child excel in school, please refrain from feeding them urine and try incorporating safe substances into their diets such as fruits and vegetables. 

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