Police Learn Arby’s Manager Allegedly Urinated In Milkshake Mix While Investigating Him For Child Pornography

Who would've thought this investigation could get any worse?

Arby's Vancouver, WA location, Arby's milkshake Google Maps / Twitter

Police investigating child pornography allegations have uncovered disturbing accusations against a local Arby's restaurant manager.

Local police in Vancouver, Washington, discovered that at least one child exploitation imagery was downloaded to one account near 221 NE 104th Ave — the same location as an Arby’s restaurant.

The Vancouver Police Department’s Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit began an investigation into the manager of the Arby’s, Stephen S. Sharp, over possible possession and dealing dozens of photos and videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children.


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The investigation led to their discovery of a video where he performed another illicit act.

Police allege that the Arby’s manager urinated into the milkshake mix on multiple occasions.

Sharp appeared in Clark County Superior Court last Friday on a new allegation of second-degree assault with sexual motivation for accusations of peeing in the milkshake mix.

He had already appeared there two days prior for suspicions on four counts each of possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct and dealing in depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.


The new allegation caused Judge David Gregerson to raise the former manager’s bail from $5,000 to $40,000 before his scheduled arraignment on May 25th.

While investigating the child porn allegations, detectives discovered a 16-second video showing someone urinating into a bag of the milkshake mix, according to a probable cause affidavit cited by The Columbian.

Another manager at the Arby’s told detectives that on the day the video was recorded, October 30th, the restaurant had sold at least one ice cream float and about 30 to 40 milkshakes.

Stephen Sharp is 'almost sure' he threw away the contaminated mix.

Sharp allegedly admitted to police that he had urinated in the milkshake bag at least twice, but was “almost sure” that he’d thrown the bags away after he was done.


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However, he also told police that if he hadn’t thrown them out as he said, they would have been mixed into other milkshake mixes and served the very next shift.

The affidavit reveals that Sharp had been working alone that night and alleged he did it for his own sexual gratification.

According to an email that Vancouver police Sergeant Julie Ballou sent to The Columbian, “The Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit has not located evidence that Arby’s or its franchisee was aware of the abhorrent actions of Stephen Sharp.”

Law enforcement had no idea that their investigation into the illegal collecting and trading of child pornography would lead to the discovery of a man urinating into a milkshake mix.


The detectives had received cyber tips about social media accounts online that were being suspected of illegally collecting and trading child pornography, the affidavit states.

After executing a search warrant on the accounts, detectives uncovered four videos of suspected child pornography shared on a video and chat app.

Law enforcement was able to connect the accounts back to Stephen Sharp, leading to the investigation into the Arby’s manager who allegedly admitted that the accounts were his.


"The alleged actions of the former franchised employee are abhorrent and unacceptable," an Arby's spokesperson said in a statement to FOX Television Stations

"We have taken immediate action with the franchise group who terminated the former employee and is fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation."

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