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Dad Publicly Shames Daughter For Twerking Videos By Making Her Wear A Sign At A Mall

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Dad Publicly Shames 15-Year-Old-Daughter For Twerking Video

The internet is ripe with criticism in the age of digital parenting — from mom-shaming women to viral stories like a dad who shaved his daughter's head as part of a 'teaching moment.'  

Yet another parenting move is stirring up a ferocious debate among social media users.

Viral TikTok shows a dad punishing his daughter for posting twerking videos.

In a viral Tiktok that has since been taken down, a father is seen walking alongside his teen daughter in a mall.

The video depicts the young girl wearing a large white sign that reads, "My name is Arbree. I like to sneak out of the house at night to meet older guys, and I post twerk videos. #I'm only 15!" 

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The internet is busy dissecting the video shaming the 15-year-old for twerking. 

Many are applauding the father's parenting.

A surprising number of comments on the original video were in support of the father's actions. The top comment before the video was removed read, "My respect for the dad." 

“He’s teaching her a good lesson.” another chimed in. 

On the flipside, people are jumping to the teen's defense.  

Many are now pointing out that Arbree is a victim in need of protection. 

"What he really should be doing is holding those older men accountable for their actions on a 15 YEAR OLD," fumed a commenter. 

“So he just ignores that these older guys were grooming his 15-year-old daughter?” one questioned.

An alarming statistic shows that around 500,000 online predators are active daily, citing the F.B.I's finding that 50 percent of the victims of online sexual exploitation are between the ages of 12 and 15. 

Advertising that a child is vulnerable and then alienating her could create even more risk instead of teaching any valuble lesson.

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Teen Tiktokers have ended up on Pornhub. 

In 2020, there was a trend circulating Tiktok in which creators were arching their backs in a sexual manner to a snippet of the song "Goodbye" by Feder feat. Lyse.

The controversy fully took off after Tiktoker @urgirladrie posted a warning video informing her younger followers that a compilation of the videos wound up on the porn site. 

"Hey girls," she starts off, "This is a warning I had to tell you. And I'm so sorry to let you know that somebody has taken all these videos and uploaded it onto an inappropriate site, including all the minors. If you have a viral video, you are in this compilation." 

A similar issue occured in 2021 when some TikTok users began editing videos to reveal women's bodies without their consent. 

Public humiliation isn't an effective disciplinary action. 

Keya Murthy, a Certified Emotional-Freedom (EFT) Practitioner, explains a potential cause of a parent's need to publicly humiliate their child. 

"When a parent humiliates their child in public or in front of anyone else, it goes to show the parent lacks self-worth and self-esteem and believes that humiliating their child will make them belong with “their crowd,” she explains. 

Murthy adds that additional consequences of the practice can strain the child-parent relationship by uprooting the child's trust in the parent, as well as the risk of the child either seeking out abusive relationships to self-validate or perpetrating abusive actions when they become parents themselves. 

There's a fine line between shaming and criticizing, and at the end of the day, the child's well-being and safety should always be top priority.

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