Mom Calls Daughter One Of The 'Biggest Losers' She's Ever Known In Cruel Voicemail

She and her mother haven't spoken in years because of how she was treated during her childhood.

Kyleigh Rae, text messages from her mother TikTok

A woman recently shared the horrific voicemail her mother left her that has left many people bewildered that a parent would speak to their child like that.

In a video, TikTok user Kyleigh Rae revealed that she and her mom have an estranged relationship and haven't spoken in years, due to her mother's constant abusive nature. One of the last straws seemed to be a particularly savage voicemail left by Rae's mother, who hurled awful words at her daughter.


Rae's mother left a cruel voicemail where she called her daughter one of the 'biggest losers' she's ever known.

"I'm so glad that you chose not to answer the phone, you can have this as a voicemail and you can replay it over and over in perpetuity," Rae's mother began in the voicemail. "I think you are probably one of the biggest losers I've ever known."

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mom leaves cruel voicemail for daughterPhoto: TikTok


Rae's mother accused her of "lying" and "cheating" for the last several years. "You are now 23, you haven't done sh-t with your life," her mother said. "You can't even own up to the mistakes that you've made, what a f—ing sham."

Her mother's cruel and harsh words continued, begging the question of what kind of parent would find satisfaction in leaving such a hurtful voicemail to their child. Rae's mother even went as far as to call her daughter a "sh-tbag," which she claimed Rae had been since she was 15.

mom leaves cruel voicemail for daughterPhoto: TikTok


"Keep this voice message, don't delete it. You can replay it over and over again until you're not such a f—king loser in life," her mother concluded. Rae also included screenshots of text message conversations between her and her mother, which were just as awful as the voicemail.

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In one of them, Rae's mother called her a "waste of time," and in another, she told her daughter that she didn't want "nothing to do with you. Ever." While Rae doesn't specify what exactly led to her mother leaving a voicemail like that, not that there is ever any excuse for a parent to talk to their child in that manner, she did expand on her relationship with her mother in the caption of the video.

mom leaves cruel voicemail for daughterPhoto: TikTok


"I am sharing this voicemail on here, I received a week ago from my mom. She lives in a completely different state, we hardly speak, I haven’t seen her in years," Rae wrote. "My delusional mind would hope that she’d see this and suddenly realize that no matter how many times I've said it, it- hurts! Maybe I don’t have tough enough “skin” I’ve always been pretty sensitive."

"Sadly I don’t even care about the words said I’ve heard this type of crap for years and it doesn’t bother me much. What gets me is the absolute blatant malicious intent with her words [and] the complete disregard for how she uses them."



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It can be an extremely difficult and taxing experience with having to deal with a narcissistic parent.

In the caption of Rae's video, she wrote that her mother is a narcissist, and has often been verbally abusive to her throughout her childhood and adulthood, as evidenced in the voicemail. Having a narcissistic parent can have a significant impact on a child's development and well-being.

"Their communication usually includes a continual stream of subtle putdowns and outright criticism because it’s highly confronting to the adult narcissist for their child to become accomplished in any way that threatens their superiority," Lisa Newman, positive psychology practitioner, and certified intuitive eating counselor explained to YourTango.

Narcissistic parents will often manipulate their children's emotions to meet their own needs. They may use guilt, fear, or shame to control their child's behavior. 

In the comments section of Rae's video, hundreds of viewers shared their own experiences growing up with a narcissistic or abusive parent and having to learn to either set boundaries or cut them off completely.


"I am 41 and went through something so similar with my mom. Don't be like me, CUT HER OFF," one TikTok user shared.

Another user added, "My dad has done similar to me, and it's the most awful feeling to have your parent talk to you like this." 

"Self-preservation from a narcissistic parent is a necessary evil. Took me 43 years to figure out you can't fix them, you can only fix yourself," a third user remarked.


Seeking therapy or counseling can truly be a helpful thing for individuals who have grown up with a narcissistic parent, especially as a way to address and heal any emotional wounds that may have happened during childhood.

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