Mom Alters Down The Dress She Wore To Prom With Her Husband For Her Daughter To Wear To The Daddy Daughter Dance With Him

Her daughter paid homage to her mom by wearing her prom dress to the daddy-daughter dance!

Lexi Donelson's prom dress for daddy-daughter dance TikTok @lexi_donelson / TikTok

A mom on TikTok named Lexi Donelson made a post on the social media app that recently went viral regarding her daughter and the dress she wore to her daddy-daughter dance.

The heartfelt clip was a way for her to show off her adorable daughter and the dress they made for her. Except, this wasn’t just any dress — it was her mom’s prom dress.

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The mom sized down her prom dress so her daughter could wear it to her daddy-daughter dance.

In the clip, which was posted all the way back in February 2023, she captioned it “we sized down the prom dress I wore 11 years ago with her dad, for her to wear to the father-daughter dance.”

The short 21-second clip primarily features her daughter getting ready for the daddy-daughter dance. Mom does her hair in the bathroom before it switches to her showing off a beautiful blue dress outside. She seems happy and excited to be wearing her mom’s prom dress!



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Soon, her father joins her and hoists her up, smiling and holding her as they get ready for their daddy-daughter dance. After he walks her over to their car, Donelson shares clips of her at her own prom wearing the same blue dress that her daughter is now wearing.

The sound attached to the video is of someone talking about how her daughter is growing up and is the best of her. She references the sound in the second half of her caption, saying, “This sound makes me so emotional especially paired with this sweet memory. She’s better than I'll ever be, and that’s ok.”

Donelson is emotional about her daughter growing up and sees herself in her. Not just because they sized down Donelson's prom dress for her to wear, but because of the way the two parents are raising her. She’s also the spitting image of her mom!

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Donelson shared another video of her daughter in the dress and kept the emotions high.

This time, the second clip had the song “Glimpse of Us” by Joji playing and featured the same clips of her daughter with her dad, but she was still so emotional about the experience that she had to share.

She captioned the video “last post about this dress I promise,” and used the happy teary-eyed emoji to emphasize how happy she was.



This time, people noticed how the video was being taken at the same spot Donelson had taken photos with her husband all those years ago. Someone commented, “stopppp is it in the same spot too??” with crying emojis to show just how much more meaningful that makes it.


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Others in the comments shared that this dress could be her “something blue,” in reference to the traditional wedding rhyme that goes “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a [silver] sixpence in her shoe.”

According to Reader’s Digest, the meaning behind the old rhyme has had many meanings over the years but, in general, these are four items that a bride should bring with her to her wedding day for good luck.


People saying that her prom dress could be her "something blue" means that this could be an item of the utmost importance to her all the way until what many would consider the happiest day of her life.

In response to these people, she said, “OK this comment is gonna make me cry. I still have the corsage too, maybe she could do something like that w/ it!” Donelson is proud of her daughter and happy to see her growing up, and it’s okay if there are some tears along the way.

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