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Family Of Missing Malibu Teen Claudia Rubin Share Update After Her Phone Was Allegedly Found In 28-Year-Old 'Predator's' Home

Photo: Instagram
Claudia Frans Rubin

The family of a California teenager previously reported missing have shared a positive update on her whereabouts.

Claudia Frans Rubin's family shared on social media that the 15-year-old has been located and is safe after previously appealing for information when they had failed to track down the teen.

Claudia Frans Rubin has been found after going missing in the early hours of November 10.

According to a post shared on her sister's Instagram page, Claudia was found on November 10 at 2 PM. 

Facebook post by Cece Woods, whose bio says she is a co-host & news radio producer at TNT Radio as well as an investigative journalist, claimed that Claudia was found safe and was o her way to Little Company of Mary via ambulance. Woods says she was allegedly found dehydrated, confused, and drugged. 

According to information in previous Instagram posts shared by Claudia's sister and mother, the teen, whose family lives in Malibu, had last been seen at 4 AM in Torrence, California — a city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

She was "likely wearing a black hoodie,” according to the missing persons photograph in the posts.

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Claudia's family say her phone was found in a 'predator's house.'

While not much has been shared publicly about Claudia's last known movements, her family has stated that detectives found the teenager's phone in the home of a 28-year-old person that her family claim is a "predator."

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Sheriffs and police from Los Angeles and Ventura County were called to investigate the scene. 

"This predator from Snap Chat drove from Torrance (Southbay) to our neighborhood above Neptune's Net," reads the post.

Neptune’s Net is a landmark restaurant by the beach in Malibu. 

Her story was shared widely online, including by actor Charlie Sheen — who says Claudia is a dear friend of one of his daughters — and by Joe Petito, the father of Gabby Petito.

If you take a look through Claudia’s mother, Feilani’s Instagram, it is abundant with photos of her family. She takes so much pride in her daughters, it is easy to tell. 

Many parents have reasonable fears surrounding their children’s activity on social media. It is too easy for adults to come onto these platforms and take advantage of the innocence of children. 

People in the comment section sent their blessings, prayers, and well wishes to the family as well as expressing their relief that the teen is safe. 

Hopefully, now that Claudia has been found, her family can be assured that she is safe and will put this terrible scare behind them. 

Anyone with information that may aid the investigation into Claudia's disappearance is urged to contact detectives at 805-388-5157 or her family at 310-810-5988.

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