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Military Dad's Kids Find A Way To Tell Him 'I Love You' Everyday While He's Deployed

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It can be difficult on a family when a beloved member serving in the military is sent off for deployment.

Luckily, one mother is making the transition easier for her two young daughters after her husband was recently deployed, and the results will melt your heart.

The military dad’s daughters tell him 'I love you' every day on their Ring cameras outside the home.

The girl’s mother, Kristy Dorn, posted the adorable video to TikTok, which has garnered over 1 million views.

Her husband was sent off for deployment to Fort Carson, Colorado in September 2022.

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Since then, their two daughters have been passing on heartfelt messages to him by talking to their dad through their ring camera.

The video depicts various clips of the girls each morning as they leave for school, telling their dad that they love and miss him.

“Bye Dad! I love you and we really like your haircut!” one of the girls says to the camera before starting her day.

“Love you, Dad! Have a great day!” another daughter says in a different clip. “Daddy, I love you! See you after school!”

“My husband was recently deployed and our girls have been telling him they love him through our security cameras every morning before school since the day he left and it melts my heart,” Dorn wrote in a text overlay of the video.

TikTok users were deeply moved by the girls’ love for their father. 

“Omg this is the sweetest thing!! Thank you ALL for your service and sacrifice!” one user commented. 

“This is so sweet! Praying for a safe deployment and extra comfort for you and your girls until he returns!” another user wrote. 

“I’m bawling. My husband is deployed right now in Poland and this breaks my heart. I know the feeling. This is so cute though,” another user shared. 

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“My boys did this when their dad was deployed too… melts my heart,” another added.

Luckily, the cameras are not the only items bringing comfort to the girls while their dad is gone.

Shortly before her husband’s deployment, Dorn shared a video of him surprising their daughters with their own dolls that resembled their dad so they could “hug” him anytime they needed to. 



“So sweet!” one user commented. 

“My brother is deployed at the moment and before he left, we had build-a-bears made with his voice. This is too sweet,” another user wrote. 

“These saved us during my husband's deployment!” another user revealed.

Whenever these girls miss their father, and struggle with the fact that he's stationed far away from them, they can always find comfort in the dolls they were given and their conversations with him over Ring.

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