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Meteorologist Tells Parents To Keep Kids Away Because His '6 Is Loaded' After A Little Girl Rings His Doorbell Looking For Her Lost Cat

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When you work for a public network, you may want to refrain from making threats against children online.

One man is learning this after he took to social media when a little girl in his neighborhood rang his doorbell. He was obviously not happy being disturbed. 

The meteorologist urged parents to ‘keep their kids away’ from his front door because his ‘6 is loaded.’ 

Chris Robbins is the founder of iWeatherNet LLC, a weather-tracking site. According to his bio on the site, he has an advanced degree in meteorology and has been in the field for nearly two decades. However, it's not his services that are giving him popularity at the moment. 

Robbins is being slammed online after he threatened to shoot a little girl who rang his doorbell in search of her missing kitten. Following the incident, he took to his company’s Facebook account to address an alarming message for parents

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“A child just rang my doorbell. Folks you do NOT ring doorbells in 2023. My 6 was loaded. Keep your kids away,” he wrote. He felt bold enough to even include his name at the end of his post. 

Social media users were rightfully shocked and disgusted by the grown man’s insult against a young child over something as mundane as ringing a doorbell.

“So you’re willing to shoot someone just because they rang your doorbell? Stand your ground isn’t meant for that and the way you’re nearly threatening anyone, specifically kids, is disgusting and why some people shouldn’t have guns,” Facebook user Stefani Seeley commented on Robbins’ post. 

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Seeley was referring to the Stand Your Ground Law, a self-defense law in the United States that allows individuals to use deadly force to defend themselves without having a duty to retreat. This law varies by state, but generally, it allows a person to use deadly force, such as shooting, in self-defense if they reasonably believe that force is necessary to protect themselves from an attacker. However, this usually does not apply to little girls who ring your doorbell to ask if you have seen their missing kitten. 

Robbins did not hold back from letting other Facebook users know that he was not messing around.

“I’m not f–-king around,” he responded to Seely, who decided to screenshot their interaction and share it on Twitter. Other users were horrified and called for Robbins to be fired.

Many people reposted his words to their own accounts in hopes of getting noticed by his employers. After receiving endless backlash, Robbins opted to change his post multiple times to justify his actions. Although he may have made matters much worse for himself.

“If my doorbell rings again tomorrow I might pull someone’s hair,” he claims. “I’m just playing, but it really is a bad idea for kids roaming around ringing doorbells. This is not 1972. If that brat rings my doorbell again tomorrow, I will call the police. Take notes.”

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Robbins clarifies that the little girl was looking for her lost kitten. While he admits that he “feels bad” since he threatened that he would pull her hair if she rang his doorbell again, resulting in her bursting into tears, he believes that he taught her a good “learning opportunity.” “She found a nice grumpy old man. Others out there will cause harm. Please teach your kids to stay away from doorbells,” he wrote. 

Additionally, Robbins denies that he ever threatened a child. “Keep sharing nonsense,” he shared in another Facebook post. “Read carefully. Are you stupid? I told the brat I would pull her nasty hair if she rings my bell again.” Thankfully, the girl wound up finding her kitten after he was seized by animal control. 



As for Robbins, it looks like no one will be ringing his doorbell anytime soon. In fact, he may not even be living in a house with a doorbell for much longer since he is likely going to wind up unemployed as a result of his ignorant post. 

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