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Manager Claims That Only The 'Laziest' And Most 'Undeserving' Employees Get Promotions

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A manager responded to a query on TikTok about bullying in the workplace, offering her opinion on reasons why “the big bad people get the pay raises.”

Amber Lord uses her presence on TikTok to discuss work tips and toxic bosses. She offers guidance on how to navigate the corporate workplace environment, including how to manage bullying.

Having been a manager herself, Amber Lord claims that the ‘laziest’ and undeserving’ employees are the ones who always get a promotion.

Lord took to TikTok to explain something she “genuinely does not understand.” She answered that she doesn’t understand how “the laziest, worst, like, bully people in the workplace always seem to get moved up the fastest.”

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The manager blames company heads for promoting lazy workers instead of more deserving people.

“The kind people, the nice people, the yes people, people that would, in leadership, treat people like human beings, they don’t like to move those people up,” Lord said. “And I know this because the minute that I got into a management role and tried to give people mental health days and create the schedules that they wanted and just be cognizant of people having lives, corporate hated it.”



“I don’t understand why these people get moved up and continue to get moved up and I don’t understand why companies never hold these people accountable.”

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The majority of Lord’s followers agreed with her assessment that bullies tend to succeed in the workplace.

“They don’t want kindness, they want profit,” offered one follower as a reason that people like the ones Lord listed get promoted. But others noted that the problem exists from the top down.

“It’s usually other bullies at the top moving them up,” explained another person. Personal accounts from other commenters also spoke to this. “My employers see people who care as weak,” said someone else. “Aggressive toxicity gets promoted every time.”

Yet more and more employees are seeking out better work-life balances, and are trying to find positions that offer supportive environments. We may be on the cusp of changing tides as authoritative leadership is no longer what workers are seeking. Dedication is a two-way street and workers deserve employers who care about them if those employers are going to demand care in return.

Empathy is the root of basic human understanding, and offering empathy as a manager or someone in a position of power shows that employees are cared for as people. As author, professor and motivational speaker Brené Brown explains, “Empathy fuels connection.” 

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