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Man Throws Wife & Kids Out After She Questions Him About Being Out Late — He Refuses To Answer Because He Pays The Bills

Photo: TikTok
Man kicking out wife and kids TikTok

Most adults will likely agree that when a relationship goes sour, both parties should do what is in the best interest of the children that are involved.

That is exactly why many viewers were shocked to see a man throwing his wife and kids' belongings out on the front lawn after she questioned him about coming home late.

In a TikTok video captioned, “I’ll be damned” shared by a woman named Nai, a man and a woman square off on their front porch after she apparently questions him about his whereabouts.

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After refusing to answer questions about getting home late, the man kicks his wife and kids out.

As the video begins, a young boy is standing on the porch observing as his mom opens the screen door and exits the home with a baby in her arms.



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The woman steps onto the porch in front of the boy while yelling, “Give me my keys!” repeatedly back into the home.

A man can be heard saying something inaudible when she is seen reaching toward him, snatching a small coat and shouting, “Give me his dang gone jacket!” before yanking it from the man’s hands.

She gives the coat to the young boy standing nearby, who sadly seems to be accustomed to seeing this kind of dysfunction from his parents.

He heads down the stairs, away from the melee.

The upset woman then turns back to the man, telling him, “You’re wrong as hell for this,” as she continues to demand her keys from him.

The man now steps out the door saying, “You want to take the damn jacket? Take that sh-t, too,” as he tosses children’s clothing out the front door.

In his effort to throw his wife and kids’ belongings out, he inadvertently drops the keys she wanted, but quickly picks them back up and disappears back into the house.

The frustrated mother continues to demand her keys as clothing items keep flying out the door, littering the porch and surrounding yard.

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The woman refused to leave without her keys.

Now in tears, she tussles with her estranged husband at the door, toddler still in her arms.

She even hits him as he walks away and tries to press her way back into the home.

As they yank a bag back and forth, she asks, “How you gone do this with your d--n babies. You got a problem because I’m questioning you about coming in later?”

By now she is in his face on the porch desperately wanting an explanation for his shocking behavior.

The man finally offers his view, telling her, “I pay all the bills. I’m taking care of you.”

Dissatisfied with his response, the woman lunges for her keys and he tells her to “get out of here” before slamming the front door in her and the baby’s faces.

Feeling defeated, she finally leaves the porch and heads toward another child who had previously been unseen, asking him to get his younger brother.

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Commenters were disheartened by what they saw in the video.

One person posted, “Babe he’ll never have the chance to do it again! In front of the kids, too? Bye!”

Another person gave some sound advice, commenting, “Never let a man tell you more than once he [doesn’t] want you.”

Several people shared that this is the kind of thing that keeps them living alone and inspires them to make sure they have their own stability.

One woman spoke for many when she said, “This... this is why I am cool with living alone. You have your place & I have mine. I've been through this... NEVER again will someone tell me to get out.”

At the end of the day, there are three innocent children that have to witness the emotional trauma created by their parents acting out their own dysfunction in front of them.

We can all hope that these young boys don’t have any lifetime impact from being subjected to such negativity or at least that their mother gets herself and her children the help they need.

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