Man Takes Back The Drink He Bought A Woman After Seeing Her Talking To Another Guy — 'I Had To'

She didn't owe him anything but he thought it was fair to snatch that drink right out of her hands.

Geo Tinoco TikTok

A man is being called out for having a questionable reaction to seeing a girl he had gotten a drink for, chatting and dancing with another guy.

In a TikTok video, Geo Tinoco had been at a bar, where he apparently began talking to a woman and ended up buying her a drink. However, his mood quickly turned sour when he noticed that the woman didn't seem to be interested in him anymore.

He decided to take back the drink he had bought for a woman after seeing her dancing with someone else.

In Tinoco's video, he has someone filming the entire interaction, and at the start, is giving the camera two thumbs up as he walks over to the woman who he had been talking to earlier in the night, and had bought a drink for.


The unnamed woman is standing a few feet away, dancing and casually speaking to another man, with the drink that Tinoco had bought for her in her hand. Tinoco swiftly approaches her, doesn't say anything, and instead begins reaching over for the drink.

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The woman, rightfully confused, tries to move the drink out of his way, but Tinoco, while smiling, persistently reaches for it and begins taking a large sip from the drink's straw. The woman, and the guy that she had been dancing with, look on in slight bewilderment.


Tinoco continues to drink from the woman's straw before she eventually gets fed up and lets him take the drink, walking away with the guy she had been talking to. Satisfied, Tinoco raises his thumb once more with a cheesy grin on his face as he walks back toward the person recording, having successfully taken the woman's drink from her.

In the caption of the video, he explained that he had bought the woman a drink after she started talking to him, writing, "She chatted me up and even gave me her number but as soon I gave her the drink, she walked away from me and started to talk to a different dude."

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Tinoco was accused of suffering from 'nice guy syndrome.'

In response to his video, Tinoco received a slew of comments from viewers, who criticized him for thinking that he was owed anything from the woman he had gotten a drink for, especially since he chose to buy it for her.


"This is why I never let a guy ever buy a drink for me when I was single. They always expect something in return & think they own you," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "You sure showed her.... that she was right to avoid you. Good instincts, girl!!"

"She wasn’t on a date with you so why do you feel she owed you all her attention? I see nothing wrong with her doing what she came there to do, dance," a third user pointed out.

Other viewers accused him of suffering from "nice guy syndrome," which is defined as a term used to describe a man who views himself as a stereotypical "nice guy," but whose "nice actions" are only motivated by his desire to receive something in return from women.


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These "nice guys," tend to believe that showing women kindness means that they will be compensated accordingly, whether that means feeling entitled to a woman sleeping with them, or becoming their girlfriend. Often, these types of men will heavily complain that they "always finish last" or are constantly being friend-zoned.

What these types of men fail to realize is that women don't owe them anything, and while they may come off as charming, shy, sweet, and even unlucky in love, they are usually often, dishonest, narcissistic, and manipulative.


In a post on Twitter, Nicole LePera, Ph.D., wrote, "Many men are conditioned to be ‘nice guys’ from a young age. They're raised with a sense of over-responsibility to caretake the emotions of their parent figures."

"Nice guy syndrome creates situations where men don't understand their own needs and how to get those needs met,” LePera added “This leads to manipulative or dysfunctional behaviors in an attempt to get needs met.”


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