Man Sues Woman For $3 Million Foe Friendzoning Him & Causing 'Damage To His Stellar Reputation' & 'Impacts On His Life'

He did not handle the rejection well.

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We’ve all had our fair share of instances where we were “friend-zoned” by someone we felt a deep romantic connection with.

It hurts, but most of us eventually moved on past those negative feelings. 

One man, however, refuses to let go and is making it clear to the woman who broke his heart that he will never forget the sorrow she put him through.

The man is suing the woman for $3 million after she friend-zoned him.

Mr. K Kawshigan of Singapore met Ms. Nora Tan in 2016, and over time, the two formed a close friendship.


Kawshigan began to develop romantic feelings toward Tan, although the feelings were not reciprocated.

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In September 2020, the two discussed their relationship and it became clear that they both wanted different things from each other.


While Kawshigan considered Tan to be his “closest friend” and wanted to take their relationship to a romantic level, Tan claimed that she only viewed him as a “friend” and nothing more.

She asked him to reduce contact with her and emphasized her need for boundaries while encouraging her friend to be “self-reliant.”

Kawshigan did not take Tan's rejection very well.

Kawshigan was hurt by her rejection, and in October of that year, issued Tan a letter of demand, where he threatened legal action against her for “monetary damages arising from negligent infliction of emotional distress and possible defamation.”

He also began seeking professional therapy with a counselor to work through his feelings.


Tan responded to Kawshigan’s letter via text message, telling him that her “discomfort was genuine.”

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He replied by giving her an ultimatum: either comply with his request for a romantic relationship or suffer “irrevocable” damage to her personal and professional endeavors. 

To alleviate some of the damage, she agreed to attend therapy sessions with him to help him come to terms with the fact that they were never going to be a romantic couple. 

However, after a year and a half, Tan stopped going to the sessions as her discomfort increased and she felt that their relationship had become hostile.


In April 2022, she began harassment proceedings against Kawshiagan and attempted to cut contact with him completely since she could "could no longer deal with his requests for increased interaction and his inability to respect her personal boundaries.”

Kawshigan sent a text message to Tan alluding to a potential claim he made against her, warning her with threatening terms including “damage that has strong legal basis” and “make your liability worst.”

The following month, she ceased contact with him entirely. Still, he persisted by filing a High court claim against her. 

Kawshigan claimed that Tan caused damage to his ‘stellar reputation’ and ‘impacts on his life.’

The man alleged that due to Tan’s rejection, he suffered “a loss in earning capacity and business partnerships, as well as costs incurred in rehabilitation and therapy programs to overcome the trauma he suffered.”


Additionally, he filed a lawsuit for $22,000 against Tan for allegedly failing to comply with their agreement to improve their relationship.

Tan was granted an order of protection following the court order and was able to obtain the assistance of lawyers.

Thankfully, in January 2023, the court ruled that Kawshigan’s second claim was “manifestly groundless and without foundation.”


The $3 million High Court claim is set for a pre-trial hearing on February 9.

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