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Bride Says Her Wedding Was Ruined By Video Her Husband’s Ex Sent Her Before The Ceremony

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We’ve all heard horror stories about vengeful exes. This woman received the shock of her life when her husband’s ex-wife sent her their sex tape — the day before their wedding. 

The woman shared her story on the subreddit thread, r/TrueOffMyChest, an online space designed for people to share personal and intimate stories they do not wish to share with those close to them.  

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The woman began her post by providing some background on her husband and his ex-wife’s relationship. “She and him were married for 4 years,” she shared. “He ended it saying she was impossible to live with but she made claims about him abusing her which never been proven.” 

The day before the woman’s wedding, her husband’s ex-wife sent her their sex tape. 

The woman revealed she sent it to her via social media. Her husband’s ex-wife’s actions made her feel “uneasy” and “unwell.”

"It certainly affected me mentally because everyone noticed how I looked and behaved at the time,” she wrote. 

The woman’s husband claimed that he had “no idea” that his ex still had the tape since he ensured that everything they had together was deleted when they broke up. 

He reassured his wife not to let it take away from the time they had together, but the woman could not get the video out of her mind, especially when she was intimate with her husband.

“It feels off, really off and I hate that this is how it feels when it's supposed to be our best time together,” she wrote.

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She added that she was resentful of the ex-wife’s decision and that it ruined what was supposed to be such a happy time in their lives.

“I feel like his ex's anger and resentment ruined the best time of my life for me and my husband. I don't even get why she would do such thing and what she would gain. I could never understand.” 

Many Redditors supported the woman. 

They offered her advice on how she should handle the situation. “Clearly instigating. You should text her and tell her, "Thanks, that was really hot! Sorry about your technique, though,” one user suggested. 

“In my opinion, the best revenge would be posting a gorgeous pic of you and your partner, all smiles from the wedding on said social media. Hugs!” another wrote. 

Others pointed out that the ex-wife was clearly the real abuser in the relationship with the woman’s husband. 

“I was just gonna say lol. Clearly the ex-wife is the abusive one after saving and sending the video, and projecting onto her ex-husband. There was no other purpose in sending that other than to stir up OPs [original poster’s] feelings and emotional stability with her husband,” one user commented. 

"Yes, we see who the real abuser was! She is now abusing OP because that is what they do. Narcissists have issues with control, if they can't control you, they will control the way others see you! She is controlling your beautiful image of him in your most vulnerable time,” another wrote. 

Others claimed that the ex-wife could be reported for revenge porn. 

“Yup, time to call the police. Ex spread revenge porn. Which is illegal,” one user wrote. 

Hopefully, this woman and her husband can move forward with their new lives together and gain the peace and happiness they clearly both deserve! 

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