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Guy's Hinge Match Says Men With Kids Are 'Losers' & Refuses To Date Them — 'Be A Man'

Photo: Twitter
Chris's Hinge match on Twitter

Downloading a dating app means you’re signing up to see some of the most unhinged dating profiles from people — just like the one this man saw on Hinge.

A man named Chris decided to share the profile of a woman who liked him on Hinge whose entire personality was to hate one specific type of man — one with a child.

She believes single dads are ‘losers’ that ‘nobody wants’ and makes it known throughout her profile.

On Hinge, you’re allowed to set up several different prompts that clue others into details about who you are and what you’re about — and this woman is not about single dads.

In a “Would you rather” prompt, she selects three options that read: “Be a single dad and be known as a loser nobody wants,” “be someone I NEVER want to meet because you’re a b--ch. Aka single dad,” “or be someone I respect, a man who knew how to wait for a lady.”

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Frankly, none of these options sound appealing if any of them means they’ll end up dating her.

The next prompt reads: “The way to win me over is do not be a single dad. That will be a good start. Next don’t hide the fact you have a newborn, an adult kid… or a five-year-old I will wreck your world if you try to hide your daddy status from me.”

“Be a man not a b--ch.”

Revealing one of her life goals to be “stop being annoyed by single dads who don’t know when to shut the f--k up,” it’s pretty hard not to get the picture by this point.

She makes note of mentioning men who aren’t single dads, declaring that they “stop playing church if you aren’t practicing abstinence. I SAID WHAT I SAID. Don’t be a heretic.”

There was another mention of her hatred for single fathers, but you get the point, and Chris surely understood what he needed to do next — troll her and post it all over Twitter.

Before messaging her, he tweeted “going to have a kid just to not be her type anymore.”

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Chris decided that after a couple of beers, he would shoot her a message about kids.

“I don’t have any kids, hope that’s not an issue for you,” he wrote back, clearly trying to jab at her very clear hatred for single men with kids.

She responded by saying “Good.”

“I can’t stand single dads for the life of me I wish they’d all go to a different country and bother someone else’s daughter instead of me.”

After posting all of this on Twitter, many people shared their reactions to her profile and her messages — many were curious as to what exactly her deal is and why she’s burning with so much hatred.

“I think a single dad hurt her,” read the top reply, prompting Chris to joke “[I don’t know] she’s kind of subtle about it if so.”

“As if being a single dad is always a choice,” someone else offered, genuinely disturbed by the woman’s vehement hatred for single fathers.

Others pointed out how these kinds of things have also happened to them — dating men who hide their children — but share that they haven’t been embittered by the experience as she has.

Needless to say, Chris will likely be dodging that bullet but had a little fun while he was doing it.

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