Man Robs Woman At Gunpoint And Then Asks Her Out Online — 'You Was Too Pretty To Rob'

Seems like his pick-up line didn't work this time.

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A woman walking out of her Indianapolis home to make the short walk to her mailbox was recently robbed at gunpoint. The woman, named Amber Beraun, was robbed by a man named Damien Boyce for $100 — but that wasn’t all he was after.

After receiving her forcefully obtained friend request on Facebook, he left her alone on her property but decided to keep bothering her on social media, where he sent her more messages.


The robber asked her out on Facebook and said she was ‘too pretty to rob.’

As flattering as Boyce might have thought he was, Beraun had a different idea for this kind of advance. “I just can’t understand the thought process of somebody who would [do that],” she said in an interview with WRTV Indianapolis.

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She spoke of the incident on a much grander scale, now joining a group of women who, because of their gender, have been the target of some kind of robbery or assault. “I think that, especially as a young female, it’s something that you always think about, but you never think that it’s going to happen to you,” she said.


“I had a man come up to me and try to rob me after I had got off work late one night,” she said.

According to court records, she had been checking her mail when Boyce had approached her and showed her his firearm. “He took it out of his pocket and showed me,” she continued, “to show me this is what’s going on. ‘Let me into your house,’ I did not do that.”

After his attempt to enter her home forcefully failed, he was able to take $100 from her. “He really did try to rob me for my things, but he really took my sense of safety in my own house,” she told WRTV Indianapolis.


Soon after, Boyce pointed his gun at Beraun and told her to add him on Facebook.

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She figured that adding him on Facebook would get him to leave her alone.

She was only sort of right. Boyce did leave her house via bicycle, but the very next day, the messages on Facebook started pouring in. “Look just know imma pay you back,” Boyce messaged her on the social media website. “You wass too pretty to rob.”

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Next, he decided to make a move and asked her to “come chill with me.” Naturally, she never responded to his advances, but the whole situation did put her on edge.

“It makes me a little on edge knowing that people walk up and down the street, looking for places to commit crimes,” Beraun said. “It makes it a little different when you hear noises at night.”

According to Nicole Green, the news anchor for WRTV Indianapolis, Boyce had also been arrested for a separate, alleged armed robbery that ended with two other people being shot. It’s unclear whether or not Boyce has seen a court date up to now, and whether or not he has been tried for the alleged crimes.


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