Man Refuses 'Aging' Wife's Boudoir Photos Claiming They Make Her Look 'Desperate'

The wife just wanted to be noticed.

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A husband has turned to Reddit to ask for opinions on whether or not he is in the wrong after telling his wife that he didn’t want to look at her boudoir pictures.

The subreddit “AITA” (Am I The A**hole) is a place where people can post their stories and ask for feedback on whether their decision was right or wrong.

The man started his story by saying that his wife is 41, “two years older” than him, and that she knows “she’s been aging.”


The man went on to say that his wife does take reasonably good care of herself, saying, “It’s pretty stark how she looks and how everybody else in our group of mid to late thirties people look.”

The man continued by saying that his wife probably thinks he is not attracted to her anymore, and because of that, she went to her friend to get boudoir pictures done.

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“She has a friend who said she would give my wife a discount if she wanted boudoir photos done. My wife went ahead and did them,” the man wrote in the post.


After getting the photos back, the man’s wife surprised him with the results, and according to his post, his wife hoped this would help.

However, the man was not impressed by his wife’s boudoir pictures.

He expressed that he didn’t feel anything when he spared them a quick glance.

“I frankly don’t think boudoir photos make her any more or less flattering and a quick glance at them did nothing for me,” the man wrote.

Instead of complimenting his wife on the photos, or reassuring her that he is still attracted to her, the man called his wife “desperate.”

“She kept trying to get me to take them and I finally put the pictures on the couch behind us and told her to stop being desperate,” he wrote. 


The man continued, telling his wife that “there’s other ways to deal with a mid-life crisis if that’s what she’s having.”

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The man ended his post by stating that he hated how desperate his wife had been acting, and said that the photos she’d taken didn’t do anything for his attraction to her.

On the Reddit thread, many people were in agreement that the man was in the wrong.

One user commented, “What a way to treat her. Even looking at them and saying that she’s beautiful, but that the way she is everyday is just as beautiful would have been better.”


Another user commented, “She was literally just asking to be noticed & for affirmation. If you can’t understand why your partner wants to feel wanted by their spouse, then sheesh.”

It seems this man’s wife was just looking for some reassurance that her husband was still attracted to her, even as she was getting older, which happens to everyone.

“If you hate how desperate she's acting, help her feel less desperate by letting her voice her feelings and validating that you love and are attracted to her. I should hope you still love and are attracted to your wife, anyway,” another user commented.


Another user urged anyone who was considering taking boudoir photos to do it, despite what anyone might say about it.

“For any women out there, I took boudoir pictures when I turned 35 and it was the best decision of my life! I had so much fun and the pictures were fantastic. Showed them to some friends and they immediately went and did their own sessions,” a user commented under the post.

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