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Man Asks If He's Wrong For Making His Fiancee An Engagement Ring On A Keychain So She Could Wear It At Work — She Was Left 'Yelling' & 'Crying' After The Proposal

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A man on Reddit was shocked by what happened during his proposal to the woman he wanted to make his wife — so much so, that he went on Reddit to try and figure out if and where he might have gone wrong.

Posting on the “r/AmItheA--hole” forum, the man asked if he was wrong for doing what he thought was a sweet gesture that would allow his girlfriend to wear her ring at work.

After proposing to his girlfriend, she cried and yelled and wouldn’t talk to him after seeing the ring.

The 29-year-old man provided readers with the backstory, explaining his age, and what he does, as well as explaining what his 28-year-old girlfriend does. 

“She's a nurse, so she can't wear rings at work,” he writes. “I wanted to give her something that she could keep with her all the time. I work as a graphic designer, so I designed a ring and a chain that I thought she would really l like.”

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He decided to find a workaround that — he hoped — she would appreciate, making some kind of keychain contraption that would allow her to wear it while she was at work. 

He did all of the right things. He made sure that the ring was in a design he knew she would like and added gems that he knew were her favorites. He delicately crafted both the ring and the chain in a way that would allow her to wear both together or either separately and wouldn’t cause any fuss. Frankly, he said, “I thought it was really cool.”

Then, came the time for his proposal. “I proposed on Sunday at the park after Mother's Day. There was no one else around to see it,” he continued. “She was initially excited when she saw it and immediately said yes. However, when she pulled it out and saw the chain attached, she accused me of trying to prank her, and wouldn't hear a word in edgewise.”

Maybe she thought it was a prank because of the chain. But it isn’t as if he had a Ring Pop sitting in the box. From what it sounds like, everything looks completely legit, so it’s curious to see her react in that way.

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“She was yelling at me and crying, and I felt horrible,” he finishes. “I tried to explain, and she shut me down and went back to her mother's. Now she won't talk to me and I don't know what to do.”

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He did nothing wrong and only had her best interests at heart.

The man had the right idea and only wanted to make his potential future wife happy. She couldn’t wear jewelry, because according to ATI Nursing Blog, “It can tear sterile gloves, get stuck in equipment, and even scratch patients,” so he thought of another way for her to hold onto it.

The people of Reddit agreed with many people offering up their sympathies and agreeing that he had done nothing wrong but try to do something nice for his girlfriend.

Many people agreed that what it sounded like was that she misunderstood what was going on and that he should simply give her some time to cool off before trying to reach out to her again. At least he already knows that she was prepared to say yes, so hopefully when they figure out all of the miscommunication, they can start planning the rest of their lives together!

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