Man Mocks A Stranger's Boyfriend After Overhearing Him Say He Can't Afford Their Valentine's Day Dinner At Chili's

He lacks humility.

man sitting in restaurant Tik/Tok

Not everyone can afford to lavish their sweetheart with expensive gives and fancy dinners on Valentine’s Day. Though a little under a third of adults in the U.S. prefer a nice dinner out on February 14, they have to also consider their mate’s budget.

One man got an unwelcome surprise when he took his lady out for a romantic meal in celebration of the lovers’ holiday. A TikTok account recently shared a video of an ‘influencer’ named Messie Cee who had a lot to say about the man’s finances.


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In his TikTok, he openly mocks a man who couldn't afford a dinner date at Chili's.

The video begins with the influencer telling viewers that he is sitting in Chili's with his crew — his husband and a female friend

He panned the camera to his right, and we saw a couple sitting at the bar. Cee proceeded to say that he overheard to woman ask for something off the menu and her boyfriend told her he could not afford it.

Then he said, “Ain't no f-cking way,” while turning the camera to his husband and assuring viewers that he would never be in a situation where his spouse could not afford to pay for the meal he wants.


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Cee then began to talk into the camera about how cheap meals are at the restaurant, implying that everyone should be able to afford them. He went on and on for some time, shaming the man for his inability to pay for the meal.

The video ended with the influencer saying that Chili's has two meals for $20 and that if a man can't buy you that, it is time for you to leave the relationship.


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The feedback came fast and furious for the man, with viewers posting comments on TikTok lambasting his horrific behavior toward someone who was less fortunate than he is.

One woman commented, “Instead of shaming them, [you should] offer to buy them dinner!”

A man jumped into the comments to chastise the influencer about “acting fancy while eating at Chili's.”

Another commenter talked about karma and assured the influencer that he would be humbled one day so should memorialize the moment that he humiliated the man.

The biggest slap in the face was that a man with over 120,000 followers would use his platform to disgrace someone who had not received as much financial favor as he had.


Life is full of peaks and valleys and just because you are among the fortunate right now does not mean it will always be that way. The same people you see coming up are the same people you will see falling down.

TikTok user after TikTok user fled to the comments to reprimand the privileged man about his lack of empathy and mean spirit. One particular commenter summed it up perfectly.

She said, “Pride cometh before the fall. What makes you laugh makes you cry, and you will ALWAYS know why. At least they [are] going thru it TOGETHER.”


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