Man Shares His Concern After Finding Out People Eat Oreos 'Raw' Without Heating Them Up

He has to be wrong about this, right? But after another guy gave it a try, he might actually be onto something...

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Most people have their own tried-and-true ideas about the best way to eat Oreos. Some bite into them whole, some pull them apart and eat the cream first, some discard the cream entirely—there are so many different ways that the perennially absurd website WikiHow even has a how-to video about the best way to eat Oreos on its YouTube channel.

But one TikToker's method for eating Oreos was so off-the-beaten-path he all but broke the internet when he revealed it.


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A man on TikTok went viral for insisting Oreos are meant to be cooked before eating.

We all have our weird food things—odd combinations of flavors other people think are strange, or different ways of cooking common dishes that make other people look at us like we're crazy.

But cooking Oreos? Like... in a frying pan? Or the microwave? Like you would a piece of meat? That's downright bonkers cuckoo-kachoo crazy, right? That's certainly how people on TikTok felt when TikToker Technojail posted a video showing how he delicately lays Oreos into a frying pan to cook them before eating them. 




The video wasn't even about cooking Oreos—it was about his philosophy on soulmates and the idea of being content on your own—which ended up being a long, elaborate joke with quite an *ahem* adult punchline. But nobody even seemed to notice any of that. Because they were understandably stuck on that whole Oreos-in-a-frying-pan thing.

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The man was shocked to learn others eat their Oreos 'raw' and claimed the package explicitly instructs you to cook them.

Naturally, Technojail received gazillions of comments, most of them of the "Sir, what in the absolute unmitigated heck are you talking about?" variety. But he was just as shocked by the comments as the commenters were by the sight of him cooking Oreos in a skillet.




"Do y'all just eat Oreos raw?" he said in a response video, going on to claim, "it says it on the back of the package you supposed to heat them up in a skillet or in the microwave." If you're screaming at your screen, "No it doesn't!" you are not alone. Scores of people replied to say just that. So then he proved it.



Technojail posted images he found on Google of Oreos' packaging, which included a commonly used information panel about "safe handling instructions" like maintaining proper refrigeration, washing your hands after handling Oreos, and cooking them to a certain temperature. "Y'all keep saying I'm lying," he told his followers, "but...the cooking instructions are right there."


He was so convincing that scores of other TikTokers filmed themselves going to their pantries to verify his claims, including user @whatnooowaaay, a creator who films his attempts at popular life hacks and weird claims people make on TikTok.



He was one of many who found out Technojail's claim was not true at all. Nobody found a "cooking instructions" panel on their Oreos, and the whole thing seems to have been an elaborate joke Technojail skillfully ran with—perhaps to the extent of Photoshopping cooking instructions onto an image of the Oreos packaging.

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But he decided to try cooking Oreos anyway and found that the TikToker might be onto something. 

He tried two different methods. In a live TikTok, he tried Technofail's skillet method and reported that it did nothing to improve upon a raw Oreo. But then a commenter gave him another idea.

"A guy that was in prison [said] that they dip Oreos in water and then microwave them," @whatnooowaaay said in his video. "So that's a thing, we'll try it."



Per the former inmate's instructions for the best way to eat Oreos—in prison, anyway—he dunked the Oreo in water then microwaved it for 10 seconds. And to his surprise? It kinda slapped! "Oh my goodness, it's so soft, it's like droopy," he said of the finished product.


And the proof, as always, was in the tasting. "That's 100% better than raw," he reported after taking a bite. He then backed off that claim a bit. "Okay maybe not 100% better," he clarified, "but still. It's better. It's like a soft cookie."

So there you have it—the best way to eat Oreos, according to TikTok anyway. Personally, I'll be sticking to my own method of putting them in a bowl of milk and eating them like cereal with a spoon. No, *you're* weird.

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