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Man Hailed A Hero For Helping 'Flustered' Bride Get To Her Wedding After Uber Cancelled On Her

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London bride

As you prepare for your big day, you might miss out on some of the smaller details, like how you're going to get to the wedding — that's exactly what happened to one woman on TikTok.

A bride-to-be in London learned that getting a cab on your big day can be difficult until a good samaritan decided to help her out. 

The man was praised on TikTok for helping the bride get to her wedding.

Marksteen Adamson, who goes by the username "@marksteenadam" on Tiktok, said in the caption of his video that he was driving through London traffic to meet some friends for a reunion lunch in the South East part of the city when he stopped at a pedestrian crossing and saw a bride.

He said he began to film the bride because he believed it would be a good shot to see her cross the road in her full attire, but instead of crossing the street, the bride sees Adamson instead and begins to walk towards his car. 

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"She saw me and started walking towards me and gesturing," Adamson said in his video.  



The bride-to-be, whose name is Anastasia, told Adamson that three Uber drivers had already canceled on her, and she was running 45 minutes late.

Luckily, Adamson had room in his land rover and decided to help Anastasia and her entourage out, saying, "Yeah, sure, jump in."

The bride eventually made it, thanks to Adamson's help.

Anastasia, her sister Alexandra and friend Paul all jump in, with Anastaisa showering Adamson with thanks as she helps guide him to the church where she is getting married.

Along the way, Adamson and the entourage happily chat with one another and finally get the bride to her destination.

When they finally get there, the Vicar greets them with Anastasia's sister and friend, all praising and thanking Adamson for his help.

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"Thank you so much. God bless you," Anastasia says to Adamson as she heads inside the church. 

Before Adamson left, he said he "heard the sound of the organ ring out," and he knew that everything would work out, finally ending his caption by saying, "it was a beautiful sunny day."

Comments on Adamson's TikTok all have praised his actions.

Adamson's video has been receiving praise for his actions in helping Anastasia, but there have been other comments that say Anastasia should not have been so brash with Adamson telling him to "please hurry."

Adamson defended Anastasia, responding to the comment, "She was grateful, but to be fair on her, she was 45mins late already and quite rightly had more important things on her mind." 

"I bet this moment made her wedding even more memorable," read one comment.

"But why didn't she invite you? You saved the day!" another comment read. 

Adamson replied to those comments, saying that Anastasia did invite him to be at the wedding, but he was running late for his friend's reunion lunch. 

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