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Man Finds Out He Is Not Related To Any Of The Children He Had With His Wife After Doing An Ancestry DNA Test

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Dad learns kids aren't biologically his

Meeting someone you can build a life and a family with is the goal of many adults. One man thought he had created a beautiful life with his wife and four children but was shocked and hurt when he found out that everything was not all it appeared to be.

In a video shared on TikTok, a man opened up about how he learned none of his four kids were biologically his.

He started by saying that a few years back, his eldest daughter was asked to take a DNA test at school to “figure out ancestry”. When the results came back, his daughter was saddened to find out that the father she had known all of her life was not related to her at all.

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Floored by the information, the father decided to get an official paternity test without his wife’s knowledge, and it confirmed that his daughter was in fact not his child. That left the stunned father in doubt about the other three children he thought he shared with this wife. So, he decided to go down the line testing the next two children.

He was flabbergasted to find that the next two eldest kids did not biologically belong to him either. So, far three of the four children he ‘shared’ with his wife had turned out to be unrelated to him.

With only the youngest child left to test, that distraught dad decided to stop there. According to him, “The youngest child is so young that this may directly affect them, and they don’t really know what’s going on anyway.”

When he finally confronted his wife, he said she took no accountability and responded by asking, “How [aren’t] you going to believe your wife over these tests?” She cried and claimed to have only been unfaithful one time despite evidence to the contrary.

Each of the three kids tested had different dads, which the man says made it “even worse” for him. That told him his wife was a habitual cheater and had committed adultery on multiple occasions and with multiple men.

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Up until that point, he was under the impression that he and his wife had a great life together.

He said, “She was a stay-at-home mom, working only on things that she loved to do. She takes care of the kids, cooks, clean, and does everything needed.” He had never gotten a hint that she was unhappy in the relationship.

The man went to a hotel for a couple of days to think and have space, but desperately missed his children so returned home. But things would never be the same. The couple passed like two ships in the night, and he admitted to ignoring her and not interacting with her when she wanted him to.

He still kept up his fatherly duties with the kids, but when it came to his estranged wife, was unsure how to proceed and wasn’t prepared to discuss the situation with her yet. He was trying to figure out if there was hope for the relationship and if not, what legal rights he had to the children since he was not their biological father.

According to him, he never even got the chance to decide what his next move would be. Not long after her deception was uncovered, his wife died by suicide, ending any possibility of her husband and her kids continuing a relationship with her. The mourning man said that she denied her actions all the way to the end.

He was left questioning whether or not he did anything wrong and explained that he never expected to lose his wife the way he did, even in these terrible circumstances.

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People in the comments were saddened by what happened to the committed father and husband. One person asked, “Why do good men end up with bad women and vice versa.” Others blamed the woman’s deceitful behavior on “this generation.”

There are no updates on the status of the children or their ‘father.’ But generally, a man who signs a Paternity Acknowledgement Affidavit has admitted that he fathered a child and has 60 days to rescind it if he is in doubt. That document is what is used to establish who the dad is and put his name on the child’s birth certificate.

In this case, the alleged father didn’t even know there were doubts so would not have taken the opportunity to rescind in time. Unless other potential fathers came forward, the kids he had raised will remain his responsibility. But they all have experienced trauma and will need professional help working through it.

On the mother’s part, admitting such a thing was no doubt hard, especially with how society would view her after the revelation. Still, ending your life should never be an option. There is nothing that cannot eventually be overcome. If you or anyone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, call 988 from your phone to get help.

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