Man Explains How His Mom Tried To Kill Him When He Was 14 By Throwing Him To Sharks

He almost became shark dinner.

Scott Stevens, shark @scott_stevens_ / TikTok / kaschibo / Shutterstock

When we’re swimming far from the beach out in the open waters, it is difficult to push the fear of sharks lurking below from our minds.

One man on TikTok recalled an incident where he not only came face-to-face with the ocean’s top predator but nearly became bait due to his mother.

The man explained how his mom tried to kill him by throwing him aside when a shark approached them in the water.

In a video that has generated over five million views, TikToker Scott Stevens shared his story of how he almost became shark food at the hands of his mother.


He creatively tells his story by turning it into a song to the beat of “Super Freaky Girl” by Nicki Minaj.



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He starts his video by telling viewers that his mother tried to kill him when he was 14 years old.


Stevens and his family were vacationing in the Bahamas when his mother suggested that the two go for a swim in the ocean.

Stevens eagerly agreed and grabbed his swimming equipment.

He shared that his mother did not want to get her hair wet so she breast-stroked along the water’s surface.

Stevens, however, was taking full advantage of the ocean he was surrounded by.

“I’m like Ariel swimming down far below, watching all the fishes as they go,” he told viewers.

“I break the surface like Aquaman. ‘Mum, this is fun! She says, let’s see how far we can get till we’re done."

Stevens and his mother swam deeper into the ocean, further from the shore.

That’s when his mother began teasing Stevens by humming the “Jaws” theme.


Stevens grew worried. “Stop it, Mum. Are there sharks out here? She says, don’t be so silly, no sharks down there,” he sings.

Stevens and his mother went further and further into the ocean, — as they did, his mother hummed the eerie tune again.

When Stevens again asked if there were sharks in the area, his mother, replied, “we’re in the bloody ocean, stop it don’t be scared.”

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“Listen to mummy, she knows best.” Still, she advised her son if he happened to spot a shark to refrain from making noise or thrashing around.

Stevens swam below the water’s surface admiring the fish and reef around him.


He was not prepared for what crossed his path next.

“What do I see in front of me? Just a seven-foot shark swimming close on by. So I hold my breath, trying not to cry,” he shared.

Taking his mother’s advice, Stevens remained as quiet as he could as he swam to the surface to alert his mother.

He was also unprepared for how his mother responded.

“She sees the dorsal fin, and she decides to run,” he says.

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Stevens’ mother began paddling vigorously away from the shark.

As her son finally caught up with her, she shoved him behind her in the water.


“What have I done?” he wondered.

As he brushed against his mother a second time, she shoved him aside again.

Stevens’ mother signaled to his father back on the beach that there was a shark by tapping her hand on her forehead.

In scuba diving, the signal translates to a warning that there is a shark nearby.

As the two got closer to the beach, Stevens’ mother shoved him behind her a final time.

“She throws me back, it was no mistake. My mum trying to kill me,” Stevens says. “My life was changed from that moment on.”

He added that his mother has attempted to kill him several times after this particular incident.

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TikTokers reacted to Stevens’ experience in the comments.

“Oh my!! I mean you’re telling it in such a funny way, but this isn’t really funny is it,” one user wrote.

“Every man for themselves. She pushed you back to try to slow down the shark. LOL I’m sorry,” another user commented.

Stevens posted a follow-up video providing more details about the incident and his relationship with his mother now.

“This story, once very traumatic, does make me laugh now,” he shared.

Stevens says that as he and his mother arrived back at the beach, he was “hysterical” and told his sister that their mom tried to kill him as other vacationers noticed the commotion.




Years after the incident, his mother often joked about it, reminding him of “survival of the fittest.”

Stevens added that he and his mother do not have a relationship today although they were once close.

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