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Mom Posts TikTok Dancing & Saying She ‘Feels Me For Once’ — After Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter

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Mom's Dance TikTok After Killing Daughter

A mom who has been jailed for killing her three-year-old daughter posted TikToks of her dancing and saying she "messed up" in the weeks after her child's death.

Nicola Priest, 23, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for manslaughter last week. Her daughter, Kaylee-Jayde, was found dead with chest and abdominal injuries in their apartment in Birmingham, England in August 2020. 

Priest's ex-boyfriend, Callum Redfern, was also sentenced to 14 years for manslaughter. It is reported that the couple beat Kaylee-Jade to death after she would not go to sleep while they were trying to have sex. 

What did Nicole Priest post to TikTok after killing her daughter? 

In the weeks and months after her daughter's death, Priest posted several TikToks of her dancing and making tributes to her daughter. 

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Priest shared a tribute to Kaylee-Jade.

On September 7th , Priest posted a slideshow of images on Tiktok that were set to the song “Dancing In The Sky” with the caption “rip my baby.”

10 days after that, she uploaded one crying into her hands as she sang along to a song that goes, “I’m sorry mom and dad. I know I messed up bad. I should’ve done, should’ve done better.”

The last video Priest posted about Kaylee-Jayde followed 4 days later. A slideshow of pictures of the smiling little girl with “When I look at You” playing.

Priest wrote that she missed her daughter, the date of her death, and “Rip my darling mommy loves you angel” as the music goes on.

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Priest shared several dancing videos.

The mourning tone didn’t last long as Priest quickly began sharing lip-syncing and dancing videos. The videos coming under fire have Priest dancing along to Vedo’s “You Got It.” 

Priest dances to lyrics saying it's time to, "Focus on me." She captioned the video, "Feel me for once." 

This has many outraged that she had the audacity to post about focusing on herself after killing her own daughter.

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Priest had allegedly previously abused Kaylee-Jayde.

Priest's daughter was revealed to have untreated, undocumented injuries of broken ribs, lower leg fractures, and a broken sternum. 

Priest and Redfern also once texted about Priest wanting to kill Kaylee-Jayde for going into the living room and kitchen. In one text, Redfern asks Priest to hit her for him. 

In the trial, neighbors testified that when Kaylee-Jade cried they tried to “drown out her crying with music” and that once after a loud bang Priest was heard saying that she would tell them she fell off the bed. 

Her boyfriend's father, Andrew Redfern even said that "Nikki is an evil mother, she doesn't deserve kids."

He went on to detail a time that Kaylee-Jayde needed her diaper changed and Priest refused to do it, instead opting to finish smoking.

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