Man Attends Happy Hour With His Co-Workers & Passes Out At Home With Lipstick All Over Him — His Wife Is Convinced He Was 'Taken Advantage Of'

He seemed remorseful and traumatized but holes in his story quickly started to emerge.

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When a man says that he has been sexually assaulted by a woman, many find it hard to believe because the thought of a woman physically taking advantage of a man seems unlikely to them. The trauma associated with being raped is minimized when the victim is male and the offender is female. Female comedians openly joke about raping men and celebrities suspected of sexually assaulting males are seemingly able to brush the accusations under the rug with little fanfare.


But the men who have been victimized are left to deal with the trauma for the rest of their lives or try to reclaim their power.

One distraught wife believes her husband was sexually assaulted by his female co-worker and won't let it slide.

The since-deleted post, titled "Husband had a ‘ONS’ and now won’t touch me" was shared to the “Best Reddit Stories” TikTok account. The 25-year-old woman started by saying that she and her 31-year-old husband had been married for two years.

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According to her, the pair have had an ideal relationship so far, both enjoying shared hobbies as well as each of them having their own separate identities and supportive friends.

She explained that she had met a “family friend” of her husband's, a 36-year-old woman named “Anna,” who her husband had admittedly had intimate relations with one time in the back of a car when he was just 19. “I never felt threatened by her, and he never gave me a reason to,” the woman explained.

After taking time off work to recover from an injury to her collarbone she sustained while horseback riding, the woman elected to stay home after her husband's team decided to go out to celebrate their win on a big case. When he returned home at 2:00 am, she could smell the liquor on him and decided to go back to sleep and let him sober up.

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When she woke up in the morning, she found him passed out, still in his work clothes, his face and shirt covered in pink lipstick marks.



She was furious and woke her inebriated husband up. Confused and still hungover, he was eventually able to understand what was happening and started to apologize profusely. He claimed that while at the after-work gathering, Anna had taken him into a separate room, telling him she was “worried” about the stress he had been under with his wife’s injury and work. She called his wife a “silly little girl” and continued to “feed him drinks” all night.

The hungover husband said he recalled his touchy-feely colleague staying near him all night and trying to kiss him on his neck.

When he finally pushed her away, he claimed she dropped to her knees and “went down on him” against his will. His wife said he was inconsolable and remorseful, crying and begging her to forgive him. Most women would have been livid still, but she took a week to gather her thoughts before deciding that her husband’s co-worker had taken advantage of him and that he was not at fault.

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“She took advantage of him in a vulnerable moment. Her behavior came off as predatory to me. It could just be me with rose-tinted glasses, wanting to save my marriage, but you tell me. I told him what I think and that I forgive him, but he still feels guilty and won’t forgive himself. He won’t even touch me — even if I’m asking him to. He said he doesn’t deserve me.”

Now she’s considering bringing it up to her husband’s family and insisting that neither of them goes around Anna, but she’s hesitant due to the fact that the woman has been around since birth, and they consider her family.

When she asks her husband if he believes Anna sexually assaulted him, he emphatically denies it. He attributed the incident to his inability to find the strength to push her away when she made advances, but she does give him credit for not having intercourse with the woman.

It turns out her husband was very much aware of the woman’s intentions and lied about the incident.

Viewers were supportive of the husband and were absolutely certain that he had been assaulted by his co-worker. They reasoned that an intoxicated person cannot give consent and people empathized with his trauma and regret.


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That is… until there was an update that some people in the comment located and mentioned. Apparently, the husband had been aware of Anna’s attraction to him and had hidden from his wife that she continued to make passes at him. He also fabricated his level of intoxication because he didn’t want to admit his indiscretion to his wife. But even that assertion devolved into a heated discussion about the merits of men who allege to have been assaulted by women.

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It’s important to understand that it is possible for men to be victims of rape and sexual assault by women.

They deserve the same compassion and sympathy we would give to any other victim and their claims need to be taken seriously.

Sadly, this woman's husband, if the update is true, is part of the reason men who say a woman took advantage of them are not believed. He fed into the stereotype that men are oversexed creatures who lack the discipline to control themselves sexually. His dishonesty with his wife and inappropriate behavior with his co-worker do little to further men being taken seriously when they truly are violated by women.

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