Dad Arrested For Allegedly Murdering Daughter's Boyfriend After Hearing He Sold Her To Sex Trafficking Ring

Photo: Spokane County Court
John Eisenman in court

In October 2020, 60-year-old John Eisenman claims he discovered that his juvenile daughter had been sold to a sex trafficking ring that operated out of Seattle, Washington.

After learning that his daughter’s boyfriend was allegedly the one responsible for her sale, Eisenman got her back that month and confronted him in November.

He later allegedly murder his daughter's boyfriend over the sex trafficking allegations.

The Spokane native allegedly planned Aaron Sorenson’s murder in reaction to his daughter's experience.

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According to a Facebook post made by the City of Spokane Police Department, Eisenman found out that the 20-year-old would be at a location in Airway Heights, WA.

There, Eisenman allegedly waited for him to show up and confronted him once he arrived — abducting the victim, tying him up, and placing him in the trunk of a vehicle.

Once he was in the trunk, Eisenman is accused of assaulting Sorenson by hitting him in the head with a cinderblock and then stabbing him repeatedly, causing the 20-year-old’s death.

After allegedly committing the murder, the father drove the vehicle to a remote area in North Spokane County and abandoned the car with the body still inside.

It wasn’t until a year later that someone discovered the car, in October, and drove it to Spokane — not knowing that there was a dead body residing in the trunk for over a year.

It was on October 22, 2021, that someone reported a foul odor coming from the abandoned vehicle in the Spokane area parked on 1800 E Everett.

John Eisenman was eventually arrested for the murder of Aaron Sorenson.

It was there on Everett where people started combing through the car for items before making the discovery of the body, which led to Eisenman’s arrest.

According to police reports, the interior of the car had been covered in mold, and one of the first officers on the scene tried to call the registered owner of the car, Brenda Kross (who was also Eisenman’s fiance), before opening the truck, except her phone wasn’t accepting calls.

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Court documents revealed that Sorenson’s hands and ankles were bound with zip ties, his mouth had been covered with tape, and his clothing had puncture marks, alluding to his multiple stab wounds.

After multiple failed attempts to reach Kross over the phone, police visited the couple’s house where Eisienman answered the door and claimed that the car had been stolen for over a year.

A few days later, police finally got into contact with Kross, who claimed that their daughter had been sold to a sex trafficking ring and that she and Eisenman drove all the way to Seattle in order to rescue her.

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According to a tip received by Crime Check another few days later from Eisenman’s neighbor, the 60-year-old man had described to the neighbor the way Sorensen was placed in the trunk that only someone involved would know.

Spokane Police Department and Airway Heights police worked together to arrest the father without incident and hold him in custody — charged with murder of the first degree.

Despite Sorensen’s cause and manner of death being listed as pending by the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office, Eisenman confessed to the crime once he had been arrested.

Prior to his arrest, Eisenman had no previous criminal record or history of violence but remains in custody at the Spokane County Jail on a bond set at $1 million.

People are replying to the Facebook post with generally kind words supporting the father’s decision in getting back at Sorenson, but it’s unlikely that Facebook comments will hold up in court against murder of the 1st degree.

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