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Man Accused Of Plotting His Wife's Death To Marry Her Sister After His Wedding Facebook Post Went Viral

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Marriage is an important commitment. It takes two people in order for it to work and it’s the commitment of a lifetime — for some

One man's Facebook post declaring his marital status — to none other than his late wife's sister — has people wondering if his lifetime commitment to his first wife was cut short on purpose.

A TikTok has recently gone viral for showcasing the Facebook post, which has led to many accusing the two of a murder plot. 

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The man was accused of plotting his wife's death to marry her sister. 

The TikTok posted by user Nosey Rosie (@mindeverybodiesbusiness) tells us the tale of a new marriage shrouded in mystery. 



“Now you can just look at this picture and tell that this is the best day of this couple’s life,” the woman says, a picture of the original Facebook post sitting behind her. 

“But I do have something to say about this little Facebook love story. You see that man right there? He was married to her sister two months prior to them getting married.”

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According to Rosie, the man (whose name has been hidden for privacy reasons) lost his ex-wife in a tragic bus accident that claimed her life as well as one of their children. 

“His other two children to this day are still in the hospital, in rehab, barely hanging on,” she explains. 

The user also points out that the cause of the bus accident has yet to be determined. 

In the original post, many users pointed out how sketchy the captions have been.

The sister also made her own post to showcase the new marriage, writing, “I prayed and God answered, in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined.”

Many were baffled by the caption, including the original TikTok poster. 

“I just gotta say, what was she praying for?” she said. 

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People are now accusing the two of murder. 

The TikTok goes on to showcase just some of the comments the two have been receiving following the posts. 

“That’s really sketchy… did she cut the breaks?” one user said. 

“That caption really sounds like she wished her sister and niece were dead,” another user said. 

But while many focused on the sister’s involvement, one user said it was time people started focusing on the husband. 

“I’m sorry but everyone is hating on the sister and overlooking the HUSBAND! You had two other kids in the hospital fighting for their lives," they wrote.

"As of June 21, the older daughter was still hospitalized. Where did he find time to ‘fall in love’ and plan a wedding?"

The suspicious timing of the relationship definitely raises a lot of questions — that we likely won't find answers to. But who knows? Maybe they just fell in love in record time!

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