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Little Girl Didn't Get An Invite To Get Her Hair Dyed With Classmates — So Her Dad Stepped In To Make Her Dreams Come True

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A dad social media influencer is melting hearts across the Internet and is being declared the ultimate “girl dad” after he documented a significant bonding activity between himself and his daughter. 

Mason Smith is a father of two daughters, five-year-old Berkely, and two-year-old Hadley, and enjoys spending every minute that he can with his girls. When Berkely came home from school one day upset that her classmates were getting their hair dyed without her, Smith stepped in to fix her broken heart in the best way possible. 

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After the little girl didn't get invited to get her hair dyed, her dad offered to dye her hair himself. 

In a TikTok video that has received nearly 3 million likes, Smith films his first time attempting the hair-dying process on little Berkely.

After learning that his daughter was not invited with her classmates, he did “what any dad would do” and learned how to dye her hair. The dad took it upon himself to teach himself the dos and don’ts of hair dying and we have to admit — he did a pretty good job! 

He applies a hair coloring technique called “balayage” where highlights are hand-painted or “swept” on the surface of random sections of hair. Berkeley’s preferred color for the highlights was pink.

Smith shares his techniques with other parents who want to do the same with their own children. “All you need is a hair color, a brush, foil, and some clips,” he writes in the video’s text overlay. “Just apply the color at the ends of the hair, thinner towards the top and thicker at the bottom.” 

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Since the dye then has to sit undisturbed for 30 minutes, Smith claims that it was the perfect amount of time to paint his daughter’s nails! Afterward, he dried and styled her hair.

“Her personal preference was to curl it up real nice,” he shared. He places a white headband atop Berkely’s newly finished hair to top it all off. “I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think?” the proud father asks. 

It's evident that Berkely is a fan of her new hair with pink stands at the end. She beams at herself in the mirror, most likely forgetting that she wasn’t incited with her classmates to have it done. Other TikTok users doted on the little girl’s new look and praised her father. 

“You are super dad hands down and your daughter is too cute for words!” one user commented. “She looks beautiful and you did a great job!” another user wrote. “She will now have much better memories than the ones created if she went with friends. You’re a great dad!” another pointed out. 

While Berkely may have missed out on getting her hair dyed with her friends, she was able to have special moments with her father and get a glimpse of his unbreakable bond with her. 

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