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Little Girl Opens Her Birthday Gift And It's A Wig Made From Her Mom's Hair

Photo: @philmyers08 / TikTok
Emily Hinton receiving a wig on her birthday that's made from her mother's hair.

When coming up with a gift for her daughter’s birthday, one mother decided to aim for something a little closer to home.

A mother gifted her daughter a wig made from her own hair.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, a little girl named Emily Hinton was seen unwrapping a birthday gift from her mother. Upon looking at the contents of the gift, she discovered a brown wig that had been made from her mother's hair.

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“Remember you asked me to make a wig out of mommy’s hair?” her mother said while holding up the hairpiece and smoothing out its locks. “That’s your wig. Out of mommy’s hair.”  



The incredibly kind gesture immediately prompted Emily to thank her mother with a big hug. But though this story may seem strange to some, the details are what make it extra sweet.

Emily suffered from third-degree burns when she was only a year old.

Back in 2015, one-year-old Emily nearly lost her life from severe burns after getting caught in a gas can explosion right in the backyard. Her grandmother was burning leaves, but while she was stirring the fire, a gas can suddenly exploded. Little Emily was just nearby her grandmother.

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“She turned around, and Emily was on fire,” said Emily's mother, Amy Hinton, upon explaining the devastating situation in an interview with WSOC-TV. "She picked her up and tried to smother the fire. It wasn't going out so she put her on the ground and started rolling her."

Amy added that her daughter Emily had experienced third-degree burns on more than half of her body and “clinically died twice” before regaining consciousness.

Photo: TikTok / @philmyers08

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The video’s comment section was flooded with love and support for Emily.

“I’m not crying you’re crying,” one person wrote. “What a good mom to a sweet child.”

“Emily is so beautiful with or without the wig. That is such a sweet gift you have given her,” said another user.

A third user replied to the heart-warming video, “Emily u look amazingly beautiful... u definitely make me wanna be a better person. thank u for the [inspiration].”

Photo: TikTok / @philmyers08

To be a parent means to sacrifice your own desires and needs sometimes, and Amy, Emily's mother, is proof that parents will do anything to make their child happy.

It's also important to remember that during difficult times like this, a sprinkle of kindness goes a long way. And Emily’s million-dollar smile is guaranteed to leave a soft spot in your heart. 

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