Little Girl's Grandma, Parents, Aunts & Extended Family Are Devastated & Hysterical After She Cuts Her Hair Into A Mullet

They may have overreacted, but her mullet is undeniably something else. Billy Ray Cyrus wishes!

Screenshots from TikTok of little girl giving herself a haircut TikTok

It's an almost universal rite of passage — a kid gets a hold of a pair of scissors, curiosity gets the best of them, and before you know it they've given themselves a haircut worse than those old Flowbee vacuum haircuts from the 90s.

But one little girl on TikTok took the little kid's DIY haircut to a whole new level, and it left her family gasping, laughing, and in the case of her grandma, outright sobbing.


A little girl's family was left in shock after she gave herself a DIY haircut.

TikToker @designerluxury4u captured quite an uproar at her family's recent get-together. It all began when the TikToker discovered a small trash can with her niece Haven's hair in it. But not just a little bit of hair — a ton of hair. Voluminous platinum-blond tufts of the stuff. Enough hair that the little girl's grandma gasped, "No! She didn't!" Oh, but she did!

The family descended into chaos as they tried not to freak out about the little girl giving herself a haircut.

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One family member tried to calm everyone down by pointing out that "every little girl does this." She even told the little girl's mom, "you did this when you were a little girl." After all, it is just hair, right? 

But the shear — er, sheer, rather (sorry) — amount of hair in the garbage can really did make it look like little Haven just might have cut off all of her hair. "There's so much," one family member breathed as she peered into the can. Funnily enough, it was the little girl's dad who seemed to be panicking the most. "Listen, I know you're not a girl," one of the women tells him, reiterating that most little girls do this at one time or another.

After figuring out where the little girl was, the family tried to get their emotions in order so that they wouldn't upset the little girl. But once they got a glimpse of just exactly what sort of haircut Haven gave herself, they had their work cut out for them.


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The family discovered that the little girl had not only cut her hair but had given herself a full-on mullet.

"Okay, just be comforting," one of the women tells Haven's dad as he prepares to go into the bathroom to talk to her. "Calm down," says another. One of the aunts again tries to reason with everyone. "You guys did this when you were little!" To which the little girl's mom responds, "I just cut my bangs" with devastation and woe.

Once they all go upstairs to the bathroom where the little girl is hiding, things take a major turn, however. The dad gets one glimpse and his face falls. One of the aunts peeks in and gasps with her hand to her mouth, and all she can do is shake her head no.

But grandma? Well, grandma gets one quick look from the hallway and her entire psyche collapses like a house of cards. As she dissolves into sobs, she whimpers "I love you so much!" through her tears in a way that even the best comedic actresses of our time could not manage to make more hilarious. Jennifer Coolidge wishes!


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The little girl's dad did an admirable job of making her feel better about her DIY mullet — and then delivered a perfect punchline.

"Wow!" her dad says. "Did you... did you get a haircut? Let me see." It's then that the haircut is revealed, and it really is a doozy. In addition to lopping off bangs, the little girl has also cut almost all of her hair off one side of her head — almost to the scalp, giving her the most chaotic mullet that has ever existed in the entire history of the haircut. "Wow! Wow okay!" is all her dad can muster at first. 

Haven is obviously in shock at what she's done — you can tell she's not at all enthusiastic about her new look — and her dad knew just what to say. "I wanna tell you something," he told her. "I love you so much. You're very important to me. You're beautiful, inside and out."

And after confirming that "Mommy will always love you" after the little girl asked to confirm, he delivered the punchline we've all been thinking about the whole time. "Do you like Billy Ray Cyrus?"


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People on TikTok couldn't believe the family got so upset about a little girl giving herself a haircut.

"They're acting like someone died, hair grows back!" one commenter wrote, along with several laughing emojis. "I'm not sure I've seen a more dramatic reaction to hair," another user quipped. "Is this family okay?" one person asked. The answer is obviously no, for the record!

Others couldn't help but laugh at the hysterics. "The way I spent the whole time trying to work out if this reaction was satire or not," one woman commented. "Y’all act like you found one of her limbs in the trash can!" another person commented. 


Some, though, felt like the reaction was indicative of something far more problematic. "Why is everyone so upset," one person asked. "It's just hair. Don't teach your girls to value what everyone else thinks [about what] they should do with their hair so much."

Admittedly, this family does seem weirdly invested in the little girl's hairstyle, and experts say that commenting on a child's appearance can negatively impact their confidence in their bodies. In her research on 18-30-year-olds, Julia Coffey, a sociology professor at the University of Newcastle in Australia, found that "those who had the most difficult time with [body image concerns] referred back to childhood and felt that their bodies were constantly being commented on by parents and peers."

Still, many praised the dad for the way he ultimately handled things with Haven. "Glad dad calmed down and was very loving. It will become a cherished memory," one woman wrote. Some even praised Haven's choice of haircut. "She rightfully gave herself a mullet and she looks amazing!" one man wrote. We've been waiting for someone to fill Billy Ray Cyrus' shoes since the 90s, after all. Haven, this is your moment to shine!


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