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Little Girl Stands In Front Of Her Big Brother To Protect Him From Mom's 'Whooping' After He Got In Trouble—'You're Gonna Go To Jail'

Photo: TikTok
A little girl defends her big brother from her mother's punishment.

Siblings can be at odds for most of their upbringing. Mostly, they fight about inconsequential things they forget right when the next argument arises. But sometimes, a brother or sister is the only person who will have your back. In some instances, the only person in your own household! 

This boy’s little sister defended him in an adorable video posted by their mother but also showed there are better ways to correct children’s behaviors.

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She stood up for her big brother to protect him from their mom’s ‘whooping.’

Many children, at some point, get in trouble at school. How each parent punishes their child is different. For this one little boy, Jacion, his mother was about to deal out his first ever “whooping.” The mother, Moe, posted his and his sister’s reaction to the video-sharing app TikTok.



“My son got in trouble at school 3 times this week and I told him I would give him his first whooping,” she wrote in text on top of the video.

Jacion appears to have just gotten home from school. His backpack was still in hand, and his sister stood beside him, holding him tightly. The mother called him over, and the sweet sister repeatedly exclaimed “no” to her mother’s request. She really didn’t want to see her big brother punished!

“Come here. Put your book bag down,” Moe demanded. “Take that jacket off.”

His sister continued to plead with the mother to let her big brother off the hook. She even tried to stop him from taking off his jacket. Then hilariously, the little girl told her mother of the consequences.

“You’re gonna go to jail,” she said. Unsurprisingly, Jacion seconded her statement. What kid wants to face punishment from their parent? “Yeah, she finna go to jail,” he remarked.

Moe didn’t respond and continued recording. Then, in a final plea to her, the sister put her arm around her big brother and looked up at her with a sweet look. “Let my brother slide,” she said.

The video ended before we could find out if she could get her big brother out scot-free! But Moe followed up with a video showing what he did in school that made her mother decide to punish him.

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The teacher detailed to her how Jacion was acting in school.

In a text message sent to the mother from his teacher “Kierra” on ClassDojo, a website connecting primary school teachers with students and families, she explained Jacion’s misbehavior. 



“He was not listening or following directions,” she wrote. “He has a bad habit of hitting people, including myself. Please speak with him about not hitting.”

On top of that, he was cursing and using “language that isn’t appropriate for school.” He was giving his food away to other students and didn’t do any of his schoolwork. She labeled him a “big distraction to the class,” commenting that he had a “rough day.”

One person in the comment section agreed that he was having a rough day, asking that she not beat him. “He looks like he’s been stressing,” they wrote.

Most people in the comments joked about the comedic nature of the video. However, is spanking your children an effective way to teach discipline? The answer from experts is overwhelmingly “no.” The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a policy in 2018 that stated that corporally punishing children is ineffective and can actually lead to negative behavior in the future. 

Instead, they suggest that parents use healthier approaches to teach their children lessons, such as “positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors, limit setting, redirecting and setting future expectations.” Parents can have difficulty figuring out how to discipline their children because no answer works for everyone. Despite this, there are many ways to discipline children without using physical punishment.

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