Mom With No Childcare Brings Her Toddler To A Job Interview With His Own Resume

He swiped a pickle off the owner's sandwich.

mom, toddler, and the boy's resume TikTok/@314handcrafted

Childcare nowadays can be more expensive than sending your kid to an in-state college and with childcare centers increasing costs due to inflation and limiting the number of children they take in, it’s hard for parents to sustain a dependable caretaker while they work.

A woman named Maggie took to TikTok in 2021 and shared her heartwarming experience birthed out of the inability to find proper care for her son while she went on a job interview.


In her TikTok video, her little boy accompanies her at an interview for a new job.

The video started with Maggie letting viewers know in the caption that she had been laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic but was invited to attend a second interview for a new job. The only problem was that she had no one to watch her toddler son. Fortunately, the company she was trying to secure a position with told her, “We are child-friendly”, and told her that the little boy could tag along.

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Viewers got to witness the little man getting ready for his big meeting just as an adult would. In the end, he was decked out in a 3-piece blue and white pinstriped suit, complete with a white bowtie and some cute little black dress shoes. He even washed the big wheel on his stroller so he could pull up to the interview in style.

But the icing on the cake was that the boy has his very own resume to present to the boss. It talked about how fast he could turn a room from clean to dirty, his ability to remove his diaper, his vast 5-word vocabulary, to name a few talents. The interview seemed to go well, with the tiny candidate swiping a pickle off the business owner’s sandwich and drooling all over the place.

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The sweet mini-documentary was viewed over 1.7 million times and the suddenly spotlighted mom was everywhere giving her take on the childcare crisis and family-friendly workplaces. Her TikTok account which is focused on motherhood and the issues that come with raising children while earning a living has amassed almost 60,000 followers and she continues to share content that other parents can resonate with.

Maggie later updated viewers in a second clip where she told them she had been offered the position and was scheduled to attend an event to make sure she and the company fit together. She thanked everyone for following her story and shared her excitement.



Unfortunately, the mom decided that she was not the right candidate for the position but was grateful for the conversation that had been sparked surrounding working parents and child-friendly workplaces. She shared her thoughts in a third video.




The statistics on how childcare, or a lack of it, affect the workforce and companies are startling. Parents lose an average of 5% of their workweek dealing with childcare problems and over half of them have missed at least a full day of work because of it.

A large percentage of parents feel their employer doesn’t consider their family and many opt to stay home after parental leave due to unacceptable childcare options.


With disinterested employees costing businesses up to $550 billion dollars every year, it’s important to both sides that companies adopt child-friendly practices. Family-friendly policies help with employee engagement and relieve the worry about family life, so workers can be present and focused on the job.

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