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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Friend Brags About Actor Coercing Women To Sleep With Him In Resurfaced Audio

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Harold Hunter

In a resurfaced audio interview, Leonardo Dicaprio's friend reveals a disturbing allegation against the actor.

DiCaprio's friend, Harold Hunter, a pro skateboarder, and actor who starred in the controversial 1995 film "Kids," spoke about his friendship with the "Titanic" actor, including parties the two would often frequent together.

Hunter, who passed away in 2006 after a battle with addiction, was remembered not only for "his skating skills" but also "his charm and fondness for parties," according to his New York Times obituary.

"His fame expanded beyond skateboard circles to nightlife," his obituary read.

Hunter claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio would coerce women into having sex with him.

In a 2002 interview, Hunter seemingly bragged about women being sexually coerced by DiCaprio into having sex with him.

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"Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s a pretty cool guy, you know? I’d go to his house and we’d have private parties. All these girls would come, all these models and shit would come, and we’d have so much fun," Hunter said.

Mackenzie Eisenhour, who was interviewing Hunter, then asked: "So he’s definitely into the ladies?"

"He loves ladies," Hunter replied. "He’d be like, 'Yo, go for my friend Harold.' I’d be trying to flirt with a girl, and the girl won’t go for me. So Leo goes, 'If you don’t go for Harold, I’m not gonna go for you.'"

Hunter continued, saying that the women would often hesitate before eventually conceding in hopes of being with DiCaprio.

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"So then the girl [would] be like, 'Yeah yeah, sure, whatever, whatever…' So I’d be like, 'What’s up, what’s up? Ain’t nothing, man. If you play with me, just be thinking about Leo.' You know what I mean? So I wind up hooking up with the girls…"

During the 90s, Hunter and DiCaprio were sometimes seen together in the same social circles, and the two both appeared in the 2021 Hulu documentary "Kid 90," via home videos recorded by a teenage Soleil Moon Frye from that same decade.

DiCaprio has previously been criticized for his past behavior in his friend groups during that time.

During the 90s, DiCaprio and many young actors, including Tobey Maguire, were often called out for their inappropriate behavior.

They all ran in the same friend group, labeled the "P-ssy Posse" and "Wolf Pack," and were known as a notorious group that wreaked havoc.

According to Complex, the rowdy group of young actors was most known for their nights out, which would "include sneaking into Victoria's Secret events in New York City, impromptu trips to Vegas, settling off stink bombs at Sky Bar, and always, chasing girls."

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Most notably, during that time was the film "Don's Plum" starring, produced, written, and directed by the Posse.

The movie was extremely offensive and misogynistic and both Maguire and DiCaprio attempted to have it blocked from release, per Complex.

The group was also accused of trying to proposition a reporter.

In 1998, Nancy Jo Sales wrote a profile on DiCaprio and the Posse for New York Magazine, where she detailed how she had attempted to get in touch with DiCaprio only to receive a disturbing voicemail from the young actor.

"A group of young boys - they all sounded drunk - were laughing and cutting up in the background," Sales wrote.

"The speaker was telling me that if I wanted an interview with him, I'd have to 'make a deal' along the lines of doing something for him that Monica [Lewinsky] did for Bill [Clinton]. 'Then maybe we'll talk!' he laughed."

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