Labor & Delivery Nurse Reveals Ridiculous Requests From New Dads Who Call Moms 'Dramatic' & Demand Paternity Tests

Sometimes, men should really think before they speak. Especially during a time as strenuous as childbirth.

Labor and delivery nurse reveals shocking comments men make during birth TikTok

During birth, what a laboring woman needs most is extra support and encouragement — especially from the father of the baby she’s pushing out.

Most men understand how scary and painful the experience is, and show support by giving a hand to squeeze, a back rub, or a gentle reminder that their partner is doing a good job. However, not all baby daddies are created equal. Anna, who is a labor and delivery nurse, reveals on her TikTok the most outrageous things she’s heard from fathers while on the job.


Anna shares a series of TikTok videos revealing the shocking comments dads have made while their partners are giving birth.

One man thought it was a good time to say “time to get back to the gym” when the placenta hadn’t been delivered yet.

Another dad asked the nurse “Do you think she’s being dramatic?” while his wife was in labor. One refused to change the baby’s diaper while a different dad asked the nurse how to get a paternity test.

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The most outrageous ones of them all were the sexual comments some fathers made, such as “When can we have sex again?” “Can they throw in an extra stitch for me?” and “I wish she would make that noise for me.”


Dads also complained about being “so tired,” and bored, and played Xbox or napped while their partner was pushing.



One dad left to get himself a bite to eat because he didn’t like the hospital food — despite Anna warning him that she was going to go fast — and he ended up missing the birth of his child.

Another left the hospital for a fantasy football draft.


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Anna’s video attracted furious comments from outraged women as well as stories of personal experiences.

Her posts attracted thousands of angry comments. “If my future hubby says ‘I’m bored’ while I’m in labor, I’m making him deliver the baby instead of me,” said one woman.

“I’m so glad my husband knew to just keep his mouth shut because he would have been cussed out,” added another. “Every day I want to give birth less and less seeing the way we get treated after all that pain,” said a third.

Others shared their personal experiences, revealing comments they heard men make during the birthing process, and not all of them were negative.


“My first baby was hitting a nerve that was making me throw up and my husband was saying I was making myself throw up,” said one.

Another woman chimed in, “Oh I have one! ‘You gotta get this done tonight I’m not staying up all night again’ TRUE STORY”

On a positive note, one woman claimed, “My husband said I would never ask you to do that again then changed every diaper while I rested."


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