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A Mom Criticized A Kind Waitress Who Simply Asked If Her Infant Needed A High Chair & Drink

Photo: j.c.22 / TikTok via Canva
Woman on tiktok criticizing waitress

A woman opened up to TikTok and expressed her thoughts about a waitress at Texas Roadhouse who asked her if she needed a highchair and a drink for her newborn baby.

Bringing your baby to a restaurant will likely lead to waitresses asking all kinds of questions in order to accommodate them. But it's likely that this woman didn't quite understand the nature of their job.

The waitress asked the couple if the baby would be joining them at the table.

The woman on TikTok responded with “Yes” and the waitress followed up asking if they needed a highchair for their baby, to which the woman said, “No.”

The waitress proceeded to take their drink orders, which were a Coke and water, then asked if the baby needed a drink. This may seem silly, but with the stress of their job, it’s understandable.



The woman said “No” and while she was telling the story through TikTok, she slightly adjusted her arms to show that her baby is clearly too little to have a drink at a restaurant.

The waitress asked the woman if she needed “two or three plates” and the woman on TikTok responded with “two ma’am, two” with a sarcastic tone.

She followed up by telling her TikTok viewers, “We don’t need a highchair, the baby does not need a drink, and the baby does not need a plate to eat rolls” while moving her arms to where viewers of the video could see her baby’s face. 

Even though the waitress asked what might seem like silly questions, it’s their job to ask because they never really know. Being a server is often stressful, and they have to deal with so many multiple interactions daily — it’s not her fault for clarifying.

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People in the comments criticized the woman for the video she made.

A few people in the comments had a few choice things to say about this woman’s video such as, “As a server, I appreciate diligent hosts, rather [they] offer more than less!”

Others in the comments made insight about what the mother could have done instead: “to be fair you could have used the high chair for the car seat. A restaurant did that for me before and I would have never thought about it,” but to this comment, the mother responded by saying that she didn’t have a car seat/carrier.

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

Commenters sided with the waitress saying that most of the time waitresses follow a mental script and simply jumble everything together, and that at least the waitress was being courteous. 

Waitresses have tough jobs and, oftentimes, it’s easy to neglect details and ask questions even if they do not apply. She didn’t deserve to get clowned on TikTok for being nice and doing her job. 

It would have been easier and less controversial for the mother to shrug the interaction off and treat it as a simple mistake rather than an actual problem that needed to be shared.

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