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Woman Makes Little Girl Cry After Confronting Her For Watering Neighbor's Lawn & Tells Her 'Something Don't Smell Right'

Photo: TikTok
Woman interrogates little girls watering flowers

A father who found his daughter in tears after she was allegedly tormented by his neighbor stepped up to defend his little girl and documented the encounter on video.

In July 2021, Jevon Sisnett posted a video on YouTube of a stranger who insulted his daughter for being on a neighbor's lawn.

The clip has recently gone viral on TikTok and users have dubbed the woman a "neighborhood watch Karen" for her treatment of the young girl.

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The 'Karen' allegedly harassed a Black child after seeing her watering a neighbor's lawn.

Sisnett claims his 11-year-old daughter and her friends were watering plants for a neighbor when the woman approached them.



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The caption of Sisnett's original YouTube video reads, “This stranger walks into our friends backyard while my daughter is watering flowers with her friends and decides they don’t belong in the neighborhood. She then proceeds to escort them off the property until our friends son walks out. Then she begins to interrogate him.”

The woman in the video stands in front of the house with her hands on her hips as Sisnett confronts her. A child is heard wailing in the background.

Sisnett says, “My daughter’s been coming here watering plants for three weeks while they’re out of town! You don’t know them, you insulted my child, we live in the neighborhood, Karen! Welcome to the internet Karen! Got little girls crying, welcome to the internet Karen!”

The Karen taps her watch while demanding a name, a date of birth, and an address.

Another bystander who appears to be on the phone with a lawyer or the police can be heard saying “I don’t know what seems to be wrong with her, but she seems drunk, and she’s still standing here.”

The woman replies, “It just don't f--king smell right. Something just don’t smell right with me."

She paces the house four more times before finally accepting defeat and leaving.

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People in the comment section seem to agree that this woman needs to mind her own business, or at the very least, walk away from the situation once she is proven wrong.

One person writes “I like how people like her can’t just walk away. When she messed up, she should’ve apologized & left. Karen’s always have to double down though & she paces back and forth at least four times”.

Another says “Feel so bad for your daughters.. I’m a mom of 3 girls myself and her walking back and forth like that instead of going home is pathetic.”

“OMG the nerve to make kid’s feel less than. Gross behavior”, a third adds.

Some claim the woman was racially profiling the black children. They question if something wouldn’t “smell right” to her had it been white kids on her neighbor’s lawn. Her behavior is gross either way.

One article on the incident claims “It’s hard to imagine why children watering plants didn’t ‘smell right’ to this woman, but it really doesn’t matter. Black people are just sick and tired of not being able to perform the most mundane, regular-regular activity without being profiled. Can we just live? Can we even help plants and flowers live?”

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