James Charles Accused Of Listing Himself As A Woman On Bumble In Order To Match With Straight Men — Again

He's allegedly been caught doing this before.

James Charles Bumble Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock / Twitter

James Charles is allegedly back at it again and going after straight men online.

Screenshots of a Bumble dating app profile that allegedly belongs to Charles are floating around online after a user claimed her is listing himself as a woman on the platform.

Is James Charles claiming to be a woman on Bumble?  

According to the user who posted the screenshots, Charles appeared on the app as a potential match even after the user selected to only see women in their matches. 


This implies that Charles, or whoever is the owner of the profile, had listed themselves as a woman in order to appear on the accounts of people looking to match with women. 

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Some have alleged that this is a way for Charles to match with straight men who are typically trying to pursue women. 

The James Charles Bumble account appears to be verified. 

In the screenshots, the profile features several images of Charles with a blue "verified" mark

On Bumble, users must submit selfies of them doing particular poses which are then analyzed against the images in the profile in order to ensure someone is not a "catfish." 

This makes it difficult to pose as someone else on the app though, it is possible that the screenshots of the profile have been edited. 

James Charles has a history of pursuing straight men. 

This isn't the first time that Charles has allegedly sought after straight men as he pursued straight men in the past. He was accused of being sexually manipulative in the past by fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook, though she later retracted some of these claims.  


Earlier this year, Charles was "cancelled" yet again after he was accused of grooming underage boys online. 

Charles has also been accused of claiming to be female on dating apps in the past.

In 2019, Twitter users posted screenshots from Tinder showing that Charles allegedly identified as "female" on the app.

After having issues on Tinder, it seems like Charles switched to Bumble in 2019, he has been using it ever since, even tweeting at Bumble, "hey @bumble ily just wanted to let u know." 


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Charles's reasoning for labeling his profile as "female" was shared in 2019 after he joined Bumble and straight men once again found his profile in their feed. 

"If you identify as a gay man, do not set your Tinder settings to female for straight men to find you. If you identify as a gay man," said one user on Twitter.

Charles responded to that tweet saying he identifies as androgynous and didn't label himself as female to "trick" anyone. 

However, he did admit in his replies that he said that as a feminine gay man, he previously took part in “curious” men using feminine gays as an outlet to experiment.


This is why users weren't surprised to see Charles yet again on Bumble allegedly identifying as a woman. There are gender-inclusive and gender-nonconforming options on Bumble. 

Charles could have set his profile to be androgynous on Bumble instead of allegedly choosing to identify as a woman only interested in men. According to some, this suggests that Charles is allegedly looking for straight men. 

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